Forestry Thinning in Scotland

Chuck Zimmerman

Komatsu Tree HarvesterHow about cutting down a tree, stripping the bark and branches and cutting it into logs all in the matter of a few seconds? And without getting your hands dirty or your arms tired? Yep, this Transformers-looking machine from Komatsu can do it and does in the video below.

During the IFAJ Congress in Scotland on a rainy day we got to see forestry management in action at the Cairn Meilich Plantation, part of the Glenlivet estate. We met the management company run by Andy Duffus as they demonstrated how they thin the forest which creates income from the timber harvested while maintaining and preserving the historic forests. The main timber comes from Lodgepole Pine, Scots Pine, Sitka Spruce and Larch.

We watched a Komatsu 931.1 harvester grab a tree, cut it off at the ground, strip it, cut it into logs and place the fluffy tops and branches down in front of the tracks to cushion the ground impact as the harvester moves forward. Very impressive.

2014 IFAJ Congress Photo Album

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