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Joanna Schroeder

During the HR & Food Roundtable last year the company announced that they were taking over the AgWarrior employment program. The initiative is targeted to helping veterans find jobs in the agricultural and food industry.

Last year, I sat down with Ericka Osmundson with to learn about the initiative and this year during the 2014 HR & Food Roundtable she gave me an update. She said the program is going really AgWarriors_supporter_buttonwell. They have over 600 resumes from persons with military experience and they have some exciting support from their employer partners. Recently CHS sponsored a free webinar to help veterans along with those still serving in the military to learn how to translate their military experience into laymen terms.

AgCareers has some other initiatives in the pipeline including some videos, continued training and they are continuing their reach to other military organizations to create awareness as well as to other companies interested in hiring veterans.

I asked Osmundson how companies can be more involved. “It’s really simple. We want it to be simple because it truly is to help our military veterans,” she said. “That’s what the whole initiative is about and companies already doing business with us just need to tell us they’re interested this unique talent pipeline and we will get them hooked up with the AgWarriors logo on their postings and on their profile page and on their websites.”

It is free for those with military experience to post a resume on and it’s free for companies who are already working with AgCareers to access these resumes.

Learn more about the AgWarriors initiative by listening to my interview with Erika Osmundson: Interview With Erika Osmundson

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