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BASF Nealta® Fights Mites

Cindy Zimmerman

basf-14-nealtaBASF Nealta® miticide just received unconditional registration from the EPA last month so it was in the spotlight during the company’s recent media event.

“We’re really excited to bring Nealta to the marketplace this year,” says product manager Doug Haller. “Currently we have 32 state registrations and we’re getting more and more each day.”

The miticide is labeled for use on treenuts (including almonds and pistachios), grape, strawberry, apple and pear crops, delivering residual control of mites at all life stages, and is beneficial friendly. “So it won’t hurt the beneficial, predatory mites and it will remove the ones you want to take out,” said Haller, who adds that the registration right now is especially important for growers in California who have been facing a lot of pressure from mites over the last couple of years.

Interview with Doug Haller, BASF

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