The New AgWired and New AgWired App

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 440You have probably noticed that AgWired looks “different.” It is. Very different.

The ZimmComm team has completely re-built AgWired with hard work from our webmaster. This project was undertaken to consolidate our news network under the AgWired brand and provide a growth platform for the future. We still have some tweaks to do as we get comfortable with a new version of WordPress which allows us to manage multiple websites simultaneously.

Animal Agriculture

The biggest news though is that we’ve moved inside AgWired under the url, We will now use this website for our coverage of all animal agriculture production including all species. This greatly increases not only the visibility of our coverage of this sector but allows new opportunities for our sponsors.

Precision Agriculture

Additionally, we’ve taken “in-house” under the url, We will continue publishing the latest news and information about this fast growing segment of agricultural production under the AgWired brand.

In both cases, the old links now forward to the new domain address. All RSS subscribers and anyone who has bookmarked them will not have to change anything to continue getting the content they want.


On the energy front we’re re-designing which will retain its current url at this time.

AgWired App

Another very cool part of this move has to do with the AgWired App. Besides the iOS and Android store app we’ve had for years, you can now create the AgWired App on your mobile device yourself. It’s easy. Just visit on your mobile device of choice and a popup will ask if you want to create a desktop icon. AgWired will then open with a click of the app in a very user friendly format. Full instructions are included in this week’s ZimmCast and the instructional video on YouTube.

Please let us know what you think of the new AgWired!

Listen to this week’s program here or watch the video below: The New AgWired

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