Promoting Kentucky Bourbon

Chuck Zimmerman

Kristin MeadorsIf you’re going to have a Corn Utilization Conference why not start with America’s Native Spirit – Bourbon? That’s what got us kicked off for the 2014 CUTC.

Our keynote speaker, Kristin Meadors, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs for the Kentucky Distillers Association, told us all about bourbon and how important it is to the Kentucky economy. She brought along her “little friends” to give away to people who asked a question after her presentation.

Some interesting facts include that there are more barrels of bourbon aging in Kentucky right now, 4.9 million, than there are people and horses in the state. Nearly 60% of every bottle of spirits in Kentucky goes to taxes. Talk about high taxation! I spoke with Kristin before her presentation.

Interview with Kristin Meadors

Learn more about the Kentucky bourbon industry from Kristin’s speech.

Kristin Meadors Keynote Address

After the keynote session we attended a reception featuring a bourbon tasting.

2014 CUTC Photo Album

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