Poultry Part of Novus Past, Present and Future

Cindy Zimmerman

The vision of Novus International is to help feed the world affordable, wholesome food and achieve a higher quality of life, a global viewpoint that provides the company with a firm foundation in the past and optimism for the future, according to chief information officer and vice president of operations Scott Hine.

ippe-14-novus-hine“It’s something that’s stood the test of time and I think it has a lot of future potential as well,” Scott told me last week at the International Production and Processing Expo. “The products that we produce are really exemplary of continuing to do just that.”

Novus was formed in 1991 when Monsanto sold its feed ingredients division and With two products for the poultry industry to Mitsui and Nippon. Since then, Novus has brought numerous products to the market, including more than 100 over the past decade, but the company remains just as dedicated to the poultry industry as ever. “MHA and ALIMET is the better source of methionine, MINTREX is the most bio-available mineral out there, and our CIBENZA line of products we are continuing to extend,” said Scott. “Poultry is our number one business and continues to be.”

Scott says Novus markets products now in over 100 countries around the world with over 3,000 customers. “We’ve got fantastic global customers as well as fantastic regional customers,” he said, many of whom were at the expo last week. Interview with Scott Hine, Novus International

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