Growth Energy Says You’re No Dummy

Cindy Zimmerman

fps13-growthenergy-buisGrowth Energy announced earlier this week a new campaign with a website You’re No Dummy featuring Mr. Slick and Dummy. CEO of Growth Energy Tom Buis and Gen. (Ret.) Wesley Clark stopped by the Farm Progress Show this week to talk about how the new campaign intends to defend renewable fuels against stepped up attacks by Big Oil.

Buis says there’s a lot of misinformation and too much stretching the truth by the large oil companies so the ethanol industry is taking a stand to push back with the facts. “The attacks in Washington have become more intense,” said Buis. “This is a fight about market share, nothing more, nothing less. We know we have the facts on our side.”

fps13-growthenergy-clarkClark says defending the Renewable Fuel Standard is about defending national security. “For those of us who served our country in uniform, we know it’s about national security, first and foremost,” said the retired general. “All we have to do is give the biofuels marketplace an opportunity to sell to the American motorist.”

Listen to Press Conference here: Growth Energy Press Conference

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