The Minute from FMC

Cindy Zimmerman

Like an artist who becomes known by one name only, FMC’s Authority Minute will soon become simply The Minute.

ams13-paulI chatted with our good friend Paul Redhage of FMC Corporation at the Ag Media Summit this week, first of all thanking them for sponsoring our coverage from this great event. Chuck usually is the one to cover AMS but since he went with the ethanol motorcycle gang to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, it was my great pleasure and privilege to attend this year, thanks to FMC.

FMC’s video podcast series The Authority Minute was the topic of a ZimmCast back in February and Paul tells us that it has become very popular. “For the last year we’ve had this opportunity for growers and retailers to learn more about weed management in soybeans and the Authority line of products,” Paul said. “With the following we’ve had this year, we’ve decided to expand that program.”

That evolution to simply “The Minute” this fall means the program will soon cover corn-related issues on weed management and insect-related issues. “So it’s broadening and we’ll be talking with lots of researchers and growers around the country,” said Paul.

Not only do growers get a chance to learn something new by watching the series, they also get a chance to win prizes. “Anytime a person registers and goes online and watches one of these … 18 digital videos posted on the web, they get credit for it and each week we have a drawing for gift cards…and then a grand prize drawing,” he said.

Listen to my interview with Paul from AMS here: Interview with Paul Redhage, FMC
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