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Farmers Need Conservation & Research

Chuck Zimmerman

John HardinHow important is conservation to farmers? John Hardin, Indiana grain and hog farmer, says that it is the last thing to cut in the farm bill and that coupled with research, they are the most government functions to help farmers! That’s saying a lot. Here’s a farmer who has real bottom line experience in how important being a good steward of the land is.

John made some opening remarks at a pre-CTIC Conservation in Action Tour seminar titled, “New Land Management Strategies to Meet 21st Century Challenges.” This session was conducted by Solutions From the Land and I’ll have more about this initiative soon. When it comes to results from the Indian Creek Watershed Project, which was the main focus of the session, John says it appears that the project has been very successful and he’s really glad that this information is being shared. He says, “I thought I heard an awful lot of wisdom today about how to be effective and bringing farmers together in ways that not only benefit them on their farms but benefit those that are downstream from them as well.” I think you’ll enjoy his perspective on the ROI to farmers

You can listen to my interview with John here: Interview with John Hardin

2013 Conservation in Action Tour Photo Album

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