SAI Platform Checklist Launched at IFAMA

Cindy Zimmerman

sai-platformThe International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) World Forum last week featured the global launch of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Checklist, the “world’s first practitioner’s guide” to the sustainable outsourcing of agricultural raw materials.

ifama-13-ernestoSAI president and Coca Cola Senior Manager of Sustainability Ernesto Brovelli said the purpose of the checklist is based on the fact that the job of farmers is to farm, not to fill out forms. “We want to make their life easy,” he said. “We want these tools, these assessments to be simple, to be educational because sustainability is a new area. Allowing them to self-assess themselves they develop self-awareness of what are important sustainability aspects.”

Recognizing that sustainability can be defined in different ways, Brovelli also participated in a session at IFAMA on establishing a common language and benchmarking standards for agricultural sustainability “and this is what the checklist does.”

You can download the checklist on the SAI website and find out more in this interview with Ernesto. SAI president Ernesto Brovelli at IFAMA World Forum

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