Enzymes in the Making at Verenium

Jamie Johansen

ippe-13-242-editedTwo years ago Novus International announced the partnership with Verenium. This partnership has focused on bringing new enzyme solutions into the animal nutrition industry.

Jamie Levine, president and CEO of Verenium, was present for this year’s International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, GA. I met up with him and discussed what this collaboration means for animal agriculture and what they have in the works for 2013.

“Verenium is an industrial enzyme company which means that we develop enzymes for a series of end market users. With Novus we are collaborating on enzymes for the poultry and swine industry, but we also provide enzymes for other industries like corn ethanol and the oil and gas industry. And we will be expanding that list as well.”

“For us our core technology is about taking enzymes from very harsh environments in nature and applying it to the industrial settings.”

Looking into the future, Verenium’s mission is to develop new products to meet unmet needs of the industry. They are constantly asking themselves, are there enzymes out there that will bring technology in and help solve some problems for the feed industry.

Check out my complete interview with Jamie here: Interview with Jamie Levine

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