GROWMARK Reports Record Sales, 2nd Best Year

Cindy Zimmerman

growmark annual meeting 2011GROWMARK CEO Jeff Solberg had great news for the system’s stakeholders at the Annual Meeting in Chicago Friday.

“Our sales this year are $8.5 billion, which is a record level of sales for us,” Jeff said. “A lot of that is price inflation, we’re a commodity based business, but we also have a lot of volume growth there – higher plant food volumes, higher crop protection volumes, seed volumes are up and our energy volumes are up.”

Jeff says after tax income this fiscal year is $182 million. “That’s our second best year in history and we’re very, very proud of that,” he said. Patronage to members will amount to about $80 million.

That’s value-driven!

Listen to my interview with Jeff Solberg here. GROWMARK CEO Jeff Solberg

2011 GROWMARK Annual Meeting Photos