Kip Cullers Shares Record Soybean Techniques

Cindy Zimmerman

Kip Cullers recently set yet another world soybean yield record with 160.6 bushels per acre on his 2010 test fields. The question other growers have is “How does he do it?”

kip cullersKip maintains that he has no big secrets and that any farmer can do what he does. He shares some of his techniques in two recent BASF Top Plots episodes, available on the BASF YouTube channel.

In addition to planting the right genetics, he credits the record to taking a proactive, total-systems approach to help his soybeans thrive. As part of that approach, Cullers makes a strong case for using Headline® fungicide for superior disease control and the Plant Health benefits that helped his soybeans get past stressful weather this summer and Kixor® herbicide technology for controlling glyphosate-resistant weeds. “Headline was a key to driving higher yields this season,” said Cullers. “It’s the foundation of our Plant Health program, and the reason we’re able to produce happy, healthy plants that produce more yield.”

BASF has created a page on Facebook to send congrats to Kip for not only setting another world record, but also for helping show other farmers how to increase their own yields. Send a message to Kip by going to the SuperSoy landing tab on the BASF Crop Protection Facebook page.

BASF Crop Protection is also offering some extra incentives for farmers who want to use Headline® fungicide for the 2011 growing season by saving money through the Headline Advantage and Farm Plan™ offers. Headline Advantage offers growers an opportunity to earn a $100 per gallon rebate on Headline purchases made by March 15, 2011 from authorized BASF retailers. BASF has also teamed up again with Farm Plan to allow growers to finance a purchase of two or more BASF crop protection products—such as Headline fungicide and Kixor® herbicide technology—through Farm Plan with zero percent interest and no payments for 180 days. Farmers can find out more from their local BASF rep.

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