Soybean Superstar Speaks at BASF Seminar

Cindy Zimmerman

BASF The Science Behind Soybeans Kip CullersYou can never get enough of the always entertaining World Soybean Yield Champion Kip Cullers.

During the BASF Science Behind Soybeans seminar at the 2010 Commodity Classic on Wednesday, Kip talked about the recent trip he took to Brazil and what he learned there. “The reason I went to Brazil is because, if you want to learn something, you got to go where there’s a problem and Brazil is challenged by so many things,” Kip says. One of the problems he had on his farm in southwest Missouri last year was white mold, which is a big issue in Brazil. “I got about five or six brand new ideas from Brazil on how to control white mold,” he said.

title=That’s what Kip does best – try new things to help increase his yields, not just for contests, but for his overall production. “60-80 percent of all my experiments fail miserably, but we never quit trying and we’re able to average 100 bushel soybeans across our whole farm,” Kip says, and that’s what pays the bills. To that end, he is a strong believer in BASF Headline for plant health, and the new Kixor technology herbicide, which he helped test for BASF prior to registration last fall.

The last time I talked to Kip was on his farm toward the end of the 2009 harvest season. You will have to check out that post and listen to the interview or watch the video to hear the goat story that he references in the interview below.

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