New Vs. Old Style Moroccan Feedlot

Chuck Zimmerman

Morocco FeedlotThe Ammar Beef Feedlot is owned by Ammar Abd El Fettah, picture on the right. He’s standing next to local U.S. Grains Council Consultant Mustapha El Youssoufi. The feedlot was our first stop on our Corn Mission tour of Morocco this morning. Ammar has been in the beef business through his family which goes back generations.

I interviewed them after we walked through the operation which included “the old and the new.” By that I mean that Ammar has built a large new modern feedlot operation which is nearing completion and it sits adjacent to his traditional style feedlot.

The USGC has worked with cooperatives and now private companies like Ammar’s to convince them to try modern style open feedlots. These are less labor intensive and the animals are much more productive. Mustapha says Ammar ran trials that showed that the system works and what he’s building will become a model for other producers in the country and region.

So when it comes to feed for these animals concentrated feed is becoming more desirable and available. Morocco produces some of its own feed products which includes a little bit of corn silage and wheat straw. But when it comes to concentrates they’re now including corn, ddgs and corn gluten feed as well as soybean meal. Ammar says the project is working and he’s very happy with the assistance of the USGC and American farmers.

He’s now planning a meat packing facility and distribution business. You can listen to my interview with them below and watch a short video clip taken at the new feedlot.

USGC Corn Mission In Morocco Photo Album

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