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Meat is Bringing Sexy Back

Cindy Zimmerman

Is meat getting sexy again?

Here’s one case in point. This provocatively posed porker is part of an ad campaign by Rachachuros Seasoning that also includes similar sexy shots of a duck and a chicken.

Another case in point: Top Chef ’s Padma Lakshmi steamy Carls Jr. burger commercial that got quite a bit of attention when it came out earlier this year. Before that it was Paris Hilton soaping up and wolfing down a hot and spicy burger for Carls Jr. Then came the controversy a few weeks ago over Burger King’s racy ads in Singapore.

Laurie Johns with the Iowa Farm Bureau did a great commentary column last week titled “Meat is Sexy.” Here’s a little taste:

“Young Idols With Cleavers Rule the Stage” screamed a recent New York Times headline. Apparently, in places where customers are not likely to ever see a cow or farm in their lives, meat is cool and the men who serve it up, sexy.

Maybe it’s a ‘New York Thing’ I thought as I finished the article which described the virtuosity of their butchers’ chosen profession: the heavy lifting and swinging scabbards which brought them rippled forearms and an indie band, cult-like status. But, there’s no denying it; our nation is in the middle of a ‘meat renaissance’.

No longer confined to the footnotes or Lifestyle sections of the newspapers, there’s plenty of ink for steak-grilling, rib-eating and barbeque festivals—not to mention, glowing testimonials for candied bacon ice cream, bacon brownies, even bacon martinis.

She concludes that places like New York, as well as Los Angeles, “birthplace of PETA protests and purse dogs, is clearly starving for something to really sink their teeth into; thank goodness, nothing satisfies like meat.”

Yeah, baby – you know what we like!

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