CMA Music Festival Parade

Chuck Zimmerman

Carly at CMAMichael Peterson recruited Carly to ride on in the parade with him here at the CMA Music Festival.

So she hopped on and joined the FFA members who rode in the sunshine as we kicked off another country music extravaganza.

While Carly was riding, Cindy was multitasking in the back.

Here in the picture you can see her shooting with my Flip Mino HD while shooting some still photos.

Cindy at CMAIn case you’re wondering if that really works, there are pictures in the photo album from Cindy when I took this photo of her.

Then you can watch a clip of the video she was shooting below. In it Michael hops off the trailer for a quick live interview.

We’ll be on location here all week so you can expect to see and hear more interviews when and where we find them. We’re taking it slow this morning though since a major storm just moved through and it was not a good time to be outside. Hopefully it all clears up soon.

2009 CMA Music Festival Photo Album

New Holland, Video