Podcast Audience Keeps Growing

Chuck Zimmerman

I’m on the way back to ZimmComm World Headquarters after spending quality time with web guru Robert and a day with John Deere in Fresno. I’m ready for some of this warm, sunny weather to hit our area.

I just thought I’d point you to an article on Podcasting News that brings together several sources of data on podcasting growth. It looks like the American audience for podcasting has grown significantly in the last year (22%) but that advertising revenue hasn’t grown as fast. I’m wondering if that might be because many podcasts are being produced by companies or outsourced for production with existing producers.

I think we’ve demonstrated that there are more ways to monetize media today than just banner ads or radio spots. Farm podcasting is just one of those options. If you work for an advertising agency have you recommended podcasting or at least advertising in a podcast? If not, why?