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Combine Combat in Top 5

Chuck Zimmerman

Combine CombatHave you played Combine Combat? If so, you’ve played one of the top 5 magazine web games according to Here’s what they said about it:

Years after its release,’s simple arcade game remains one of the few b2b online games around, and it still holds up. You try to clear a field with your combine before the computer-controlled rival. There are several points of brilliance here. The John Deere-sponsored game uses Deere logos as power-ups and has you collect their new products as bonus points, all the while informing you of their product benefits. And then there is the ambient music (think Terminator for farm equipment) and background bird noises. We need more b2b games with this much attention to detail…and raw combat among professionals. There must be some uproarious game notions lurking somewhere in the minds of waste management or medical device trade publishers.

Successful Farming is sponsoring AgWired coverage of the NAMA Convention this week and I know I’ll have more SF news as the week progresses.

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