Ag Cash Income At All Time High

Chuck Zimmerman

Mark E. Keenum, USDA Under Secretary, Farm and Foreign Agricultural ServiceOne of our distinguished guests at today’s Sunbelt Ag Expo Southeast Farmer of the Year luncheon was Mark E. Keenum, USDA Under Secretary, Farm and Foreign Agricultural Service. If you’re interested in hearing about the economics of what’s going on in agriculture then you may want to listen to him. His full comments are only about 12 minutes.

However, I’m also posting an excerpt which I thought really was an eye opener and not something you’re going to hear on the evening news. To listen to the news you’d think we’re in such an economic mess that we’ll never get out of it. Interesting that this should come up just before an election, eh? But enough about that. The fact is that agriculture is doing very well economically and Mark has the facts to prove it. For example, he says that, “We’re looking at cash income for agriculture to be $313 billion this year. That’s an all time record high.” Now that’s what I call positive news.

Listen to an excerpt of Mark’s comments here: sunbelt-08-lunch-keenum-economics.mp3

Or you can download the excerpt with this link: Mark Keenum Excerpt (mp3)

Listen to Mark’s full comments here: sunbelt-08-lunch-keenum.mp3

Or you can download his comments with this link: Mark Keenum Comments (mp3)

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