RFA Ethanol Podcast

America’s Largest Flying Flag

Melissa Sandfort

America’s largest flying American flag will be proudly displayed at RFD-TV The Theatre on Nov. 9-11 as a part of Veteran’s Homecoming, the country’s largest Veterans Day celebration, which takes place in Branson, Mo.

flag3.jpgThe flag, which is 120 feet long, 65 feet wide and weighs over 200 lbs, is a project of the United Veterans of America chapter from Gastonia, N.C. Although Gastonia is the home for the flag, Gary Humphries, National Executive Director says “the flag belongs to all of the people in our country”.

The flag is only flown outside Gastonia two or three times a year at special events. This year, RFD-TV The Theatre is proud to host one of those rare moments. The flag, accompanied by four veterans from North Carolina, will be raised on Friday, Nov. 9th at 1:00 PM on the RFD-TV parking lot in Branson. Penny Gilley, who is headlining at the theater though Dec. 9, will be on hand to sing “The National Anthem” at the ceremony. Following the flag ceremony will be the grand opening of RFD-TV The Theatre’s Christmas with Mulberry Lane at 3 p.m.

At home in Gastonia, the flag flies at the base of Crowder’s Mountain on a 225-foot high flagpole anchored 25 feet in the ground. The base alone is 4 feet wide. From its mountain perch, 1,660 feet above sea level, Old Glory can be seen from as far away as 30 miles.

The site of this flag is absolutely spectacular and not to be missed.