New Portable Farm Podcast Recorder

Chuck Zimmerman

Marantz PMD620Hey all you farm podcasters out there. Here’s a new digital recorder to drool over and plan to put in your tool kit. Marantz is finally coming out with a small form recorder. Finally! I got to demo this one at the Podcast & New Media Expo. It’s supposed to be coming out some time in November and I will be placing an order.

Here at ZimmComm New Media we’ve got a Marantz PMD 660 which is the best you can buy right now but it’s still a large form factor. So you’ve been seeing me with an Edirol R-09 and Cindy with a Zoom H-2. Of course we still have our trusty Sony MZ-B100 too. The agriblogging farm podcaster of today needs to think small when you’re talking lots of road time.

The Marantz rep I spoke with admitted that they’re a little behind on this one but from the looks of the one I saw they’ll catch up fast. Pricing should be comparable to the Edirol from what I understand.

You can read more about the new unit on Podcasting News.