Autofarm and Raven Industries Expand Collaboration

Chuck Zimmerman

AutofarmIt seems like the precision agriculture companies are doing a lot of collaborating these days. It makes sense when you consider how many different components have to work together from software to satellites to hardware. Here’s the latest announcement from Autofarm and Raven Industries.

AutoFarm and Raven Industries announce the expansion of a collaborative agreement for product development opportunities following the successful launch of the new Raven steering system, QuickTrax. The collaborative team is finishing development and test of a new system which will provide full-featured sub-inch accurate RTK automated steering designed by AutoFarm and state-of-the-art displays and controls such as Viper Pro and Envizio Pro by Raven Industries.

This expanded effort will take advantage of expertise and existing products from both companies: Raven, offering the displays plus sprayer and planter section control, boom height control and variable rate control for sprayers, spreaders and planters; AutoFarm, offering market leading technology in sub-inch accurate RTK steering systems.

“The system will be marketed mutually and will be available through the distribution channels of both Raven and AutoFarm by mid winter, which will expand the GPS steering market for both companies domestically and internationally,” says Justin Larouche, AutoFarm Director of Product Management.

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