No “Stick” in Drumsticks

Laura McNamara

WheatwareDrummers won’t be pounding out beats with wood if they start using Wheatware products. Nor will they be using plastic. Instead, they’ll be using, you guessed it, wheat. The new biodegradable product line also offers guitar picks, hangars and more.

To help protect the Earth’s virgin forests and reduce global warming,, exclusive U.S. distributor of Wheatware™ products, has donated biodegradable-compostable drumsticks, guitar picks, clothes hangers and more — all made using wheat. The company has donated 272 pairs of Wheatware™ Compostable drumsticks, 3,240 Wheatware™ Compostable guitar picks, and 4,100 Wheatware™ Compostable clothes hangers to Live Earth musicians across the world, including London, England; Johannesburg, South Africa; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan — and best of all, New York City, America.

The launch of Wheatware™ products is part of Wheatware’s Great Switch-Out™ from Wood to Wheat, a campaign to entice people to switch from unsustainable tree products like wood to sustainable, crop-based ones like wheat, thus saving the forests critically needed to halt global warming. The passion of the founders of Wheatware™ is to replace the 45 billion pairs of disposable wood chopsticks produced every year which consume over 25 million virgin forest trees annually. For this reason, Wheatware decided to also include over 664 packages of their chopsticks made from the Wheatware™ BioMass-75 in all the gift bags sent to the Live Earth concerts.

How does saving forests help stop global warming? Forests act as the Earth’s built-in air conditioner. Their destruction diminishes Earth’s air conditioning ability, contributing to global meltdown. But for, saving the forests isn’t just about the trees. It’s also about the creatures that live in these habitats — the monkeys, Siberian tigers and birds that are threatened or endangered because of deforestation.
Global demand for wood and plastic is increasing, unfortunately. Alternatives to these materials are therefore key to stopping climate change.

Enter Wheatware™ Bio-Compostable Music products. Wheatware™ drumsticks deliver all the performance advantages of wood, yet are made of a sustainable material. The Wheatware™ compostable guitar picks offer an alternative to the millions of plastic picks manufactured each year — without sacrificing performance.

Far from being fragile, Wheatware™ music products can withstand a musicians’ beating. And both products are ultra-functional: the picks come in an easy-to-grip design and the drumsticks are slightly textured to resist slippage.
Affordably priced, Wheatware™ Bio-Compostable drumsticks are available in two sizes: 5A and 5B. Wheatware™ Compostable guitar picks come in three varieties: wedged-light, medium, and heavy. Other Wheatware™ products include Bio-Compostable hangers, multi-use dishes, drink coasters and golf supplies, as well as reusable Wheatware™ Biomass-75 chopsticks, wasabi dishes and disposable flatware.

With so many eco-choices, it just doesn’t make sense to use wood and plastic versions of these products anymore.

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