Zimfo Bites

Chuck Zimmerman

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently approved a label change for Prowl H2O herbicide from BASF that allows growers to make applications to their citrus crops up to one day before harvest. The label change currently applies to all citrus-growing states except for California. The previous label prohibited application within 60 days of harvest. The Prowl H2O label now specifies a one-day pre-harvest interval (PHI), which means that citrus growers will have an even greater window in which to make weed control applications.
  • FCS Financial is pleased to announce the recipients of their 2007 Scholarship Program. Those receiving a $1,000 scholarship are Wesley Moore, Belle, Mo., Melinda Breshears, Bolivar, Mo., Jason Reichert, Brunswick, Mo., Robert Benoit, Centralia, Mo., Austin Baker, Chillicothe, Mo., Nathan Bunse, Cosby, Mo., Jordan Stevener, Defiance, Mo., Slade Rousan, Dittmer, Mo., Brenda Arnold, Drexel, Mo., Emily Shaw, Frankford, Mo., Cassie Gilland, Grant City, Mo., Emily Snyder, Hamilton, Mo., Devin Heid, Harrisonville, Mo., Cody Johnson, Jasper, Mo., Justine Manson, Keytesville, Mo., Ashley Clarkson, La Plata, Mo., Michelle Noriega, Monett, Mo., William Gorrell, Napton, Mo., Kevin Lee, Nevada, Mo., Heidi Varner, Odessa, Mo., Daniel Wisner, Osceola, Mo., Robert Williams, Richmond, Mo., Shannon Weber, St. Charles, Mo., Katlyn Logan, Sheldon, Mo., Curt White, Stella, Mo., Rebecca Stephen, Stewartsville, Mo., Desirae Bauer, Stover, Mo., Justin Cron, Strafford, Mo., Jacqueline Gittemeier, Troy, Mo., and Charles Thompson, Walker, Mo.
  • A new feature on the Pioneer GrowingPoint website offers growers a chance to review tips and suggestions from their fellow farmers. “Growing Perspective” serves as a forum for Pioneer customers and growers to read helpful hints and insights from their peers. “Growing Perspective” showcases knowledge from Kip Cullers, Purdy, Mo., the 2006 world record holder for soybean production. Users who log on to the GrowingPoint website will find a section to submit questions to Cullers. He will answer the most popular inquiries and post the responses on the site on a regular basis throughout the growing season. This section also includes a video on Cullers; pictures show Cullers’ management practices. Users can access this new forum by logging on to the site at www.pioneer.com/growingpoint, typing “forum” in the search box, then clicking the “Growing Perspective” link.
  • PigCHAMP has been granted an exclusive world-wide license to distribute the Feed Allocation System (FAS) web-based software program developed by PrairiE Systems LLC. PigCHAMP and PrairiE Systems LLC are working together to develop a suite of products for the swine industry that combines the practical feed and budget management capabilities of FAS with the analytical and reporting power for which PigCHAMP is known.
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