BASF Plant Health Symposium Underway

Chuck Zimmerman

Willie on Plant HealthThe BASF “Science of Plant Health” symposium is just getting underway here in Tampa at the Hyatt.

We’ve got a nice crowd of agricultural journalists here like Willie Vogt, Farm Progress Companies on the right. I think he’s telling world record corn and soybean yield growers like Kip Cullers how to get even more yield out of their crop (Not). All in all I think there’s about 24 journalists here. I’m recording the presentations and will be posting some of them later on.

Here’s an interesting note. We have a mult-box which allows multiple people to connect to an audio feed to record it. Willie is one of several publication editors using it and he joked that the “print guys are fighting over the mult-box.” This new media world is changing how we all do our jobs!

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