National Corn Yield Contest Winners

Chuck Zimmerman

National Corn Growers AssociationThe National Corn Growers Association has announced the winners in their annual National Corn Yield Contest.

You know what this means? Bragging rights. Who had the best yielding varieties. In fact, the releases are already coming out. Here’s some details from NCGA.

“This year we had winners from such non-traditional areas as Idaho and Utah,” notes NCGA President Ken McCauley. “That shows that growers can meet the challenge of increasing demand.” This year’s contest drew 3,157 entrants from 44 states.

The 27 winners in nine production categories had verified yields of more than 240 bushels per acre, compared to the national average of 151.2 bushels per acre. Seven winners posted yields of more than 300 bushels per acre. “Poor weather at harvest time lowered yields from some areas in the Midwest, but that’s part of the challenges that all farmers meet,” says McCauley. “The biggest benefit of the NCYC is the opportunity to test production techniques and seed hybrids in real-world conditions.” While there is no overall winner in the NCYC, yields of farmers who placed first, second and third in their production categories ranged from 240.9675 by Tanner Farms of Union City, Tenn., to 347.2698 from Kip Cullers of Purdy, Mo.

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