Water Buffalo Man

Chuck Zimmerman

Water From ice cream to water buffalo milkman, he’s David Rachlin and he’s the new CEO of The Woodstock Water Buffalo Company.

How do you milk a water buffalo? “I’m told my first milking assignment already has been posted — in bold ink, underlined and with two explanation points — on my first week’s schedule at the dairy,” jokes David I. Rachlin, the newly tapped president and chief executive officer of The Woodstock Water Buffalo Company.

The company, headquartered in bucolic South Woodstock, Vt., is the nation’s first and only farmstead dairy whose herds consist exclusively of — yes –water buffalo. The dairy staff members, as well as premium-dairy aficionados, proclaim that The Woodstock Water Buffalo Company offers healthy and indulgent, mild-flavored yogurts and fresh buffalo mozzarella like none other in America. And, according to the incoming president and CEO, his early agenda includes increasing production of the super-premium yogurts and fresh mozzarella, expanding their availability at retail and in foodservice, and creating new offerings. “Feedback from consumers on Woodstock Water Buffalo Company’s yogurts is so passionately positive, that it’s thrilling to consider how high and how broadly our team can build the business,” Rachlin says.

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