Final Thoughts!


Kelcy Schroder Now, as I’m all recuperated from the Farm Progress Show, I’m back writing again. I was going to write my final thoughts after the show but after my drive back to Ames, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until this morning for class!

I had a wonderful experience at the Farm Progress Show. I met some wonderful people, especially thanks to Monsanto, Tami, Mica, Chuck, and many others. You guys were welcoming, friendly, and were willing to help me with anything I needed. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I took the internship and now I’m pleased to have taken the job.

I hope all of you readers enjoyed my writings/posts because I sure enjoyed writing them for you. This was my first experience doing interviews, taking pictures, and writing with the purpose to be published on the Internet. I tried to cover stories that I thought you would think was interesting and really give you the inside of what was happening at the Farm Progress Show.

I just want to thank everybody again, it really meant a lot to me to come to the Farm Progress Show. I hope to being writing blogs again sometime in the future and I hope that everybody I met and who influenced me here, I will see again!

Thanks so much!!

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