We Got Your DogEquine Products

Chuck Zimmerman

Dog-Equine, LLCI had to bring this to your attention just because of the name if for no other reason. DogEquine will certainly get your attention. I’ll let you create a mental picture before you read what it’s all about.

Recognizing a need to provide advanced science nutritional products for dogs, horses, and other livestock, a team of diverse executives led by food science industry veteran Lisa Alley-Zarkades today announced the establishment of Dog-Equine LLC. The marketing/manufacturing company will focus on meeting demand for naturally safe and beneficial supplements, treats and food components that focus on pest control, preventative methods, overall health, and improved quality of animal life. Operating as an umbrella parent company, DogEquine, will market its products under two trademarked brandnames: StableKare™ (for equine) and KennelKare™ (for canine). Several branded products will also be suitable for other livestock and companion animals.

Full release (pdf)

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