Nitrogen Cycle Debuts At Fertilizer Conference

Chuck Zimmerman

Agrotain Nitrogen CycleThis is definitely one of the more creative ideas I’ve seen lately. Motorcycles are cool right now so Agrotain made a theme cycle to use in a trade show. You’ll be able to see it at a number of shows coming up like Commodity Classic next March.

AGROTAIN International, L.L.C. Launches Themed Tribute Motorcycle to the Fertilizer Industry

August 3, 2005, San Antonio, TX – AGROTAIN International, L.L.C. introduced its customized American Ironhorse Texas Chopper motorcycle on July 25 at the South West Fertilizer Conference & Meeting in San Antonio.

A themed tribute to the fertilizer industry, the bike is customized to look like AGROTAIN treated liquid and granular nitrogen is powering the engine, as well as being applied via a spreader spinner and spray nozzle – thus the name, “The Nitrogen Cycle”. When asked how the name came about, Andrew Semple, VP Global Marketing for AGROTAIN International, explained: “AGROTAIN International’s products help reduce nitrogen loss to the environment while providing an economic and agronomic gain to the users of our products. We are known as the nitrogen experts, and have climbed to that level by leading and educating the industry about nitrogen loss potentials. The nitrogen loss cycle is often explained using a pictorial diagram – which is customized on the bike – so it seemed natural to name the bike “The Nitrogen Cycle”.

For more information contact Andrew Semple.

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