Mayo To Bader Rutter For Summer

Chuck Zimmerman

Bader RutterWelcome Wendy Mayo to Bader Rutter. Wendy will be interning in the public relations department over the summer. I’m a big fan of internships and have had the pleasure of working with many of them over the years. You’ve got to love a PR department that sends out a release on their intern though!

Here’s what the release says about Wendy: Mayo, a senior at Kansas State University, is majoring in animal science and agricultural communications. A native of Garden City, Kan., she previously held communications internships with Certified Angus Beef LLC and the American Hereford Association. Mayo has served as an editor for Agriculturist Magazine, a publication of Kansas State University. On campus, she’s an ambassador for the College of Agriculture and a member of the livestock judging team.

For more information contact Greg Nickerson, President, (262) 784-7200.


New Grower Guide On Pioneer GrowingPoint Website

Chuck Zimmerman

Pioneer Growing Point WebsiteI don’t know if you’ve been on Pioneer’s “Growing Point” website but it’s got a lot of information. According to their latest release sorghum growers now have a new document available. You’ll need to register to enter the site unless you’re already a Pioneer customer. Then all you have to do is contact your local sales rep to obtain a login and password.

Sorghum Management Guide
Now Available at Pioneer GrowingPointSM Website

DES MOINES, Iowa, June 3, 2005 – Sorghum growers with questions on topics ranging from planting rates to pest management can find answers with the click of a mouse. The Sorghum Production Manual from Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., is now available on the Pioneer GrowingPointSM website.

Pioneer customers can access the manual by logging on to and entering “sorghum manual” in the site’s search box. This sorghum manual is an online source and reference guide, written by Pioneer sorghum experts, for sorghum growers. Content focuses on grain sorghum research, cultural practices, management systems, insect and weed management, and end-use applications.

“This manual is designed to assist growers in developing management systems that can maximize economic returns from sorghum,” says Clive Holland, sorghum product line manager for Pioneer. “Additionally, experts in the sorghum field offer their insights on drought tolerance and top yield potential for greater productivity.

For more information contact Jerry Harrington.


DAP Owners Listen To Traditional Radio More

Chuck Zimmerman

Bridge RatingsPodcasting News first alerted me to a new study by Bridge Ratings about the effect of MP3 or digital audio players on traditional radio listening. As Podcasting News points out the portable digital devices have a real impact on the younger demographic but the report concludes overall, “This first look at a three-month composite of radio users suggests an increase in time spent with traditional radio the longer radio listeners own these digital players.”

You can look at the full report here. Bridge Ratings is “dedicated to providing on-going, immediate, reliable and affordable audience measurement services for radio.”

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Blog Business Summit 2005 Announced

Chuck Zimmerman

Blog Business SummitI’ve been waiting on this announcement since I couldn’t attend last year’s first ever Blog Business Summit. However, I’m already scheduled to conduct a session on blogging at the NAMA Boot Camp on August 18. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Maybe I can get there for the final day? We’ll see. If you’re serious about wanting to know what this blogging thing’s all about this would be the place to be!

Blog Business Summit in San Francisco this August

After the success of our Seattle event, we posted a survey asking people interested in the conference to tell us which city they’d like to see the BBS come to next. San Francisco received the most votes, so we have contracted for the dates August 17-19 at the beautiful and historic Palace Hotel.

We will be posting final sessions and speakers over the next several weeks. Besides adding several new sessions and speakers to the main conference, we’re hosting a pre-conference “Business Blogging 101” seminar that will cover the basics of making the blogosphere work for your company.

Our early bird discount will be in place until July 11, and you can take advantage of that pricing here.

We’ll be posting immediately on the finalized sessions, speakers and sponsors as they are updated!

You might want to subscribe to the BBS blog feed to keep up to date on the event even if you can’t attend.


Pictures From Mid Missouri Energy Grand Opening

Chuck Zimmerman

Governor Blunt presents keys to Chevy TahoeI would be smiling too if the governor just handed me the keys to a new Chevy Tahoe. That’s just what Missouri Governor Matt Blunt did yesterday. With Chevrolet’s Ed Wallace looking on, Governor Blunt handed Missouri Corn Growers Association, CEO, Gary Marshall the keys to a new Tahoe that’s a rolling billboard for ethanol. Gary says he’ll have the truck on display at many events around Missouri in the coming year.

I promised you a whole bunch of photos and I have them uploaded. I’m now a Pro account holder at Flickr! That’s because I went over my “free” limit of photo uploads in one week! You can see all the action from the Mid Missouri Energy grand opening right here: Mid Missouri Energy Grand Opening

Once you go to the photo album you can view it as a slide show or individual photos. You can also download them (at the resolution I uploaded them).

Enjoy. It was a great event Ryland!!!!!

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An Ethanol Plant And An Ethanol Standard

Chuck Zimmerman

Missouri Governor Matt BluntIt was a big day for the ethanol industry in Missouri. We had the governor, some congressmen, various ethanol industry leaders and a couple thousand people. This was Malta Bend, MO!

The event was the grand opening of the Mid Missouri Energy ethanol plant but it was almost overshadowed by the Governor’s announcement that he will pursue his campaign promise of getting a legislated mandatory 10% ethanol standard. You could just see the beaming, smiling faces. I was there to record interviews, take pictures and help the Missouri Corn Growers Association produce a Talking News Release, which was sent out with audio and image links to reporters around the state this afternoon. Thank you Patty Kinder for letting me use your office and the high speed internet connection!

Missouri Corn Growers Applaud the Governor’s Continued Commitment
at Grand Opening of the State’s Third Ethanol Plant

(MALTA BEND, Mo.)— Ethanol will continue to help fuel the economy of Missouri, thanks to the opening of the state’s third ethanol production facility and Governor Matt Blunt’s promise to enact a statewide ethanol standard next year.

In his remarks to a packed house at the grand opening of Mid-Missouri Energy (MME) in Malta Bend today, Governor Blunt reiterated that one of his highest priorities next legislative session will be to pass a 10 percent ethanol standard in Missouri.

“So every gas pump, if you fill up your truck or your car, you’re going to put in a gas that contains 10 percent ethanol. It’s good for consumers, it’s good for the environment, it’s good for economic development and very significantly important for Missouri farm families.” (full release) Word Document

For more information contact Becky Grisham.

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More On The Podcasting Wave

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast ImageThis image is normally used in our posts when we’re alerting you to the latest ZimmCast. This time though I just wanted to bring your attention to podcasting again and a good recent article in BusinessWeek Online.

I’ve said it before and will keep saying it. You ag groups especially should consider podcasting now. Just because a lot of farmers aren’t yet carrying their MP3 players around (anyone know how many?) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be creating your own programs. This is even more true for groups that need to reach the consumer!! Here’s an excerpt from the BusinessWeek article that that makes some good points:

But the heart of the podcasting movement is in the world of blogs, those millions of personal Web pages that have become a global sensation. In a blogosphere that has grown largely on the written word, podcasts add a soundtrack. It’s not like the traditional Internet sound, which usually involves visiting a Web site. What’s special about podcasts is that they’re dispatched directly to users who ask for them.

In this, they’re like the written content on blogs. But podcasts go a step further. They can be delivered not just to your home page but to the music program on your computer, whether it’s Apple’s (AAPL ) iTunes, Microsoft’s (MSFT ) Windows Media Player, or another. From there, it can go straight to your MP3 player.

I say let your written word “speak for itself.” Do a podcast. I can teach you how or you can find lots of resources on the internet. You’ve probably seen our posts each week for the MBIC Report and CornTalk. These are weekly interview programs that two of Missouri’s more innovative commodity groups have been producing and distributing to farm broadcasters for some time. That’s still being done. The broadcaster has a fully produced program to air or draw sound bites from. Some do their own interviews but have this recording as a backup. Additionally, we stream the audio and create and post the file that you (or their members or anyone in the general public) can subscribe to and download the program to your computer. You can then listen on your computer or sync it into your Ipod or similar device to listen to anytime/anywhere you want.

This is great producer/consumer communications. A new public relations tool. Let me know if you’ve got questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. In fact, if you email me I’ll be glad to post an answer for others who may be wondering the same thing.

I’ll ask one of my own. Are any of you podcasting now? If so, let me know and I’ll make sure to bring it to our reader’s attention.

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New Ethanol Plant Grand Opening

Chuck Zimmerman

Mid Missouri EnergyTomorrow will be grand opening day for Mid Missouri Energy, Missouri’s newest ethanol plant. All the dignitaries will be there (and me). We’ll have governor Blunt, Ag Director Ferrell and many more.

I’ll be there to record the speeches and distribute a Talking News Release for the great folks at Missouri Corn Growers Association. Keep an eye here for more information tomorrow afternoon. I’ve got high speed in the MME office!

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Pork & Milk Get Reprieve Too

Chuck Zimmerman

Supreme CourtI haven’t seen much news about the follow-up Supreme Court rulings after the Beef Checkoff decision. But there have been two of note.

Supreme Court overturns lower court’s Pork Checkoff ruling

The Supreme Court of the United States has set aside a lower court ruling declaring the Pork Checkoff unconstitutional and returned the case to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati with instructions to reconsider the case in light of its ruling last week in a similar case involving the beef checkoff. (National Pork Board)


WASHINGTON The U.S. Supreme Court today overturned a lower court ruling that declared the “Got milk?” advertising campaign unconstitutional. (AdWeek)

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500 Million Is A Lot Of Hits

Chuck Zimmerman

MyPyramid LogoI’ve been wondering about how this food guidance sytem was doing. The release leaves a lot of question marks like how many “unique” visitors have there been? That’s a lot of hits but almost half of them were in the first week and the rest are in the almost 2 months since then. AgWired isn’t quite that high yet but we’re climbing!

I think the new pyramid is pretty confusing and wonder what the average American thinks. I wonder if they’ll do any research on that besides just monitoring the activity level of the hit meter.


WASHINGTON, June 2, 2005-Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns today announced that USDA’s new web-based interactive food guidance system,, has reached a new milestone with 500 million hits.

“We are thrilled by the public’s overwhelming response to, especially as the average visitor spends 20 to 30 minutes viewing the food guidance system,” said Johanns. “The on-line interactive tools allow us to reach a broader spectrum of Americans than ever before to assist them in developing a healthier lifestyle that balances nutrition and exercise.”

For more information contact Ed Loyd (202) 720-4623 or John Webster (703) 605-4266.