About America’s Heartland Premier

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American Farm Bureau FederationI’ve been meaning to post something about America’s Heartland but just never seem to have a good opportunity. However, American Farm Bureau sent out a release about their celebration of the premier of the show. They, along with Monsanto, are the 2 main sponsors.

The recent premiere of America’s Heartland, a new national public television series on American agriculture, was celebrated Wednesday at a screening and reception at the American Farm Bureau Federation headquarters. AFBF and Monsanto are providing major sponsorship of the weekly series, which is shot on location on farms and ranches across the country and will consist of 20 half-hour original programs during the first season. Public television station KVIE of Sacramento produces the series.

“To all of us involved in the miracle of American agriculture, the new America’s Heartland public television series represents a precious opportunity,” said AFBF President Bob Stallman. “America’s Heartland is about our love for the land, our dedication to the production of food and fiber and our focus on the fundamental American values of family, hard work and independence,” said Stallman.

You can visit this link to see if there’s a station carrying it in your area.

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Registration For BASF’s Regent TS

Chuck Zimmerman

Regent TSThere are a whole lot of announcements coming out on new products. Maybe it’s just that time of year but there’s more than I can remember in quite some time. Take the latest from BASF. They just received registration for Regent TS, a corn seed treatment for key pests.

With the registration of Regent® TS insecticide, a new corn seed treatment with the active ingredient fipronil, corn growers in the United States
have access to an important new tool to protect their crops from key insect pests. Regent TS controls wireworm, seed corn maggot and grape colaspis and suppresses grubs, flea beetles and thrips. “Protecting the seed and young plants from pests is increasingly important to today’s corn grower,” says Roy Lee Carter, Seed Treatment Business Manager with BASF.


Beef Operating Committee Report

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MBIC Report PodcastThis week’s MBIC report from the Missouri Beef Industy Council is with Chairman David Dick of Sedalia, who recently returned from Rapid City, South Dakota where he took part in the work of a 20-member joint committee helping to shape the beef checkoff plan of work on the national level for fiscal year 2006.

You can listen to this week’s MBIC Report here: Download MP3 File

The MBIC Report is an AgWired podcast which you can subscribe to using the link in our sidebar or on the newly designed MBIC website.

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Herculex RW Receives Regulatory Approvals

Chuck Zimmerman

Pioneer Hi-BredIt’s a busy week for news releases, especially Talking News Releases. Yesterday afternoon Pioneer Hi-Bred was able to announce in conjunction with Dow AgroSciences that they’ve received U. S. regulatory approvals for the Herculex RW rootworm protection trait in 2006.

Herculex RWCorn growers who have been fighting corn rootworms can now protect their corn with the Herculex® RW Rootworm Protection trait in 2006.

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., and Dow AgroSciences LLC, the trait’s developers, recently received confirmation that Herculex RW has received full food and feed approvals within the United States. Kyle Whitaker, New Product Launch Manager for Pioneer Hi-Bred, says Herculex RW will give corn growers expanded options for in-the-seed protection against corn rootworm. Full Release

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First Cotton Seed Treatment For Nematicides

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SyngentaCotton growers got some good news from Syngenta today. To announce it they used our Talking News Release service.

First Seed Treatment Nematicide For Cotton Now Available For Purchase
For the first time ever, cotton growers will be able to use a convenient and innovative option to control nematodes, insects and diseases. AVICTA™ Complete Pak, a groundbreaking seed-delivered technology to combat all early-season cotton pests, is now available for the 2006 planting season. A combination of three separately registered products: AVICTA seed treatment nematicide, Cruiser® seed treatment insecticide and Dynasty CST® seed-delivered fungicide, AVICTA Complete Pak offers cotton growers complete early-season protection to ensure better root development and, in turn, a more vigorous crop with improved return on investment.
Full Release

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Learn How To Podcast In California

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Portable Media & Podcast ExpoThis is just not being scheduled at a good time for me. Why don’t people call and check my schedule first? Anyway, I’d love to go since the Portable Media Expo & Podcast Conference is all about what we’re all about here at ZimmComm. I know we’re all about agricultural marketing but that includes embracing new ways to distribute information.

Take blogging itself as an example. A year ago most of you (me included) didn’t really know much about this. Look at what’s happening today, even in ag!


The Charleston Orwig Suite At World Dairy Expo

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Charleston OrwigIn most big time stadiums you’ll find the “suites” where you’ve got your own little room to watch the game with your friends and clients. It’s the same here at the Coliseum at World Dairy Expo.

In this case companies like Charleston Orwig have serious meetings taking place with their clients. In case you can’t tell, these folks are having too much fun at this early meeting. I think it had to do with the photographer interrupting things.

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Farm Broadcasters In Action At Expo

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Farm BroadcastersIsn’t this a sight? You’ve got Bob Bosold, Col. Jon Phillips, Randy Koenen and Emery Kleven plotting World Dairy Expo coverage strategy. Yeah, that’s what they were talking about all right.

The media room at Expo kicked into high gear here on day two. The attendance on day one was way up at just over 10,000 visitors. That includes visitors from 54 countries!

It really is an international event.

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Bagpipes In The Show Ring

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BagpipesI just have to post this here on AgWired since I really like bagpipes. My sister played them for our high school “Kiltie Band.”

These guys played at the awards ceremony in the show ring at World Dairy Expo for the Ayrshire awards. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out why they do that.

You can listen to them right here: Download MP3 File (2.3MB MP3 File)

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Hoard’s Sponsors Expo Reception

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Hoard's Dairyman GroupYou always have to celebrate the end of the first day at a farm show. World Dairy Expo is no different. The exhibitor reception was sponsored by Hoard’s Dairyman. Isn’t this a great looking group?

Thanks to the people in red for sponsoring our reception. Opening day here at Expo was beautiful and traffic was great. We’ll get some traffic stats tomorrow morning.

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