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Chuck Zimmerman

Husker Harvest DaysI didn’t get to go to Grand Island for the Husker Harvest Days show again this year but I could still keep up with it thanks to Willie Vogt and his staff. You can find lots of good information like the story about Secretary Johanns farm listening forum, complete with pictures: Nebraska Farm Forum Draws Big Husker Crowd

There’s just too many farm shows and not enough time! I know a lot of you were there last week. I hope it was good one for you.

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Meet The New AAEA President

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 34 - CrummettIt’s the American Agricultural Editor’s Association new president right here on AgWired in our ZimmCast for this week. He’s Dan Crummett, Farm Progress Companies. I interviewed him right after he got sworn in at the recent Ag Media Summit. Dan talks about AAEA and why he thinks the organization has become stronger. He also discusses AAEA’s new strategic plan.

You can listen to this week’s ZimmCast here: Download MP3 File (2.3MB MP3 File)

The ZimmCast is AgWired’s weekly podcast which you can subscribe to using the link in our sidebar.

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We’re Going To Kansas City

Chuck Zimmerman

NAMA Convention 2006I just had a feeling this would happen. I applaud the decision and look forward to having the biggest and best NAMA convention ever in Missouri next year!

We were notified this week by the Hyatt Hotels national sales office, that the Hyatt New Orleans will be closed through December, 2006. In an Executive Committee conference call on Wednesday, September 14, the decision was made to hold the conference in Kansas City. We are now in the process of making the arrangements for this change.

The conference theme will remain “Jazzed!” as Jazz music “grew up” in Kansas City and shares that musical bond with the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans.

Special thanks to those of you who called, e-mailed or sent information to the NAMA office regarding alternate locations for us to explore. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you spent to help us during this waiting period.

If you’re not a NAMA member yet then fill out this online form to become one. There’s also a permanent “Join Now” button in the left sidebar.


Mulhollem Retires From ADM

Chuck Zimmerman

Archer Daniels MidlandIt’s succession plan time at Archer Daniels Midland, the “Resourceful By Nature” people.

Paul B. Mulhollem, President and Chief Operating Officer, announced his decision (yesterday) to retire from the Company, effective immediately. G. Allen Andreas, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of ADM, will temporarily assume the duties of President and COO.

“Mr. Mulhollem’s contributions to the Company in his various assignments over his years with ADM are significant,” said Mr. Andreas. “Paul’s insight and acumen will be missed. During his tenure, Paul worked closely with me in expanding our global reach and building a solid foundation for the continued growth and success of ADM. On both a personal and professional level, Paul’s contributions are appreciated by all of us at ADM.”

“In retiring from ADM, I am leaving behind a great company and many friends and colleagues,” said Mr. Mulhollem. “I wish them and the Company continued success in the future.”


Guess The Members & Win A Jacket

Chuck Zimmerman

Holstein Association USAIt’s nice to see an organization promoting and using its website! It’s an interactive medium after all. Take this contest being run by Holstein Association USA. You can meet each of the Holstein Association’s members of the day in their booth at World Dairy Expo between 11am and 2pm.

Think you can guess who each Holstein Association Member of the Day is? Use the clues below (also available on the Holstein Association website) and enter your guess for a chance to win a free Holstein Association jacket! Contest starts on September 16 and ends on September 26. Entries can be submitted on the Holstein Association website: or via phone at 800.952.5200 x 4174. Contest winner will be announced on September 27, 2005

QuestionTuesday, October 4: This young couple from Wisconsin both graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Their homebred animal was named Junior Champion at the 1999 World Dairy Expo. “Registered Holsteins give our farm more opportunity in almost every arena – milk production, longevity, merchandising and marketing,” said Tuesday’s mystery member. Their farm is only a stone’s throw away from becoming internationally recognized for excellent Registered Holsteins.

For the rest of the clues you’ll have to visit the Holstein Association website. Lisa Perrin’s already got entries so start guessing!

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Bou-Matic Gets Monster Exposure

Chuck Zimmerman

Bou Matic Monster MilkerI used this story on World Dairy Diary and think it’s too cool not to use on AgWired as well. I wish I had some video to post but not until after the show airs.

Put a cow in one end and get chocolate and regular milk out the other. Who’d have thought it possible? With a little help from Bou-Matic it is and it’ll be on display at World Dairy Expo.

In a bit of reality TV and a lot of professional planning, design, engineering and finish welding and polish help from California Bou-Matic Dealer Turlock Dairy & Refrigeration, the entire five-day process of rebuilding a 1959 Chevrolet milk truck into a mobile milking parlor and the successful conclusion of milking a cow was chronicled on tape.
This is all being done for the Discovery Channel show Monster Garage.

The Monster Milker will be featured in the show that airs at 8pm Central time on October 3rd, the day before Expo. I interviewed Bou-Matic’s Mark Clarke, product manager, who was on the design team for the truck. You can listen to my interview with Mark here: Download MP3 File (MP3 File 5MB)

Mark describes how the project came about, the team and how they worked to create the design the show wanted and how his company is using it in its promotional efforts.

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Lifestyle Veterinarians

Chuck Zimmerman

Vetz MagazineWe’re certainly hearing a lot about “lifestyle” farming these days. How about lifestyle veterinarians or is it veterinarians who have a lifestyle? That’s the subject of a relatively new magazine called Vetz. Here’s information on their second issue:

VETZ Magazine, the first-ever lifestyle magazine for veterinarians, announced their Technology issue today available for veterinarians and industry experts coast to coast. After an astounding response from the industry, VETZ brings the latest news in technology, law, HR and practice management to the forefront of the industry catering to the needs of the next generation veterinarian.

New articles and sections include:
* Extreme Vetz – Meet a veterinarian that traveled to the South Pole
* Gadgets that Get Results
* A comprehensive “Gadget Guide” – High technology equipment for your practice
* Personal Technology: How to get productive, fast
* Health and Nutrition: Chronic Headaches
* Fine Wines: Do you know how many wines are named after animals? VETZ does the round-up.
* Relationships: Making Marriage Merge with Your Business

So if you want to reach the lifestyle veterinarian here’s your vehicle.


Cotton Leadership Training Begins

Chuck Zimmerman

Cotton Leadership ClassIsn’t this a great looking group? Their leadership training got started at the National Cotton Council headquarters and included communications training.

The class members this year are:

The 23rd class, recently selected by the NCC’s Cotton Leadership Development Committee, includes: Producers – Heath Watson, Mayesville, SC; Jeff Hux, Sikeston, MO; Toby Robertson, Robstown, TX; Kevin Nelson, Tulia, TX; and Tim Cox, Blythe, CA; Ginner – Steve Bullard – BCT Gin Co., Morven, GA; Warehouser – Will Coley, Savannah Warehouse Services, LLC, Savannah, GA; Merchant – Forester Adams, Joseph Walker & Co., Columbia, SC; Marketing Cooperative – Jason Ward – Staplcotn Cooperative Assoc., Greenwood, MS; and Manufacturer – Mitch Hensley, Ramtex, Inc., Ramseur, NC.

Since they’ll be travelling around and meeting with all kinds of industry leaders you know what would be cool? If one of these guys would blog the experience!! Someday someone will think of this.

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Johnson New Deputy Under Secretary

Chuck Zimmerman

USDA Rural DevelopmentHow many of you know Allan Johnson? Congratulate him for his new role at USDA!!

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns announced today the appointment of Allan Johnson to serve as Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development. “For the past two years, Allan has demonstrated outstanding leadership at USDA Rural Development,” said Johanns. “The people we serve in rural America and USDA will all benefit from his experience and knowledge in this new position.”

Johnson will serve in a leadership role by assisting Under Secretary Tom Dorr in carrying out Rural Development’s mission to support economic activity and improve the quality of life of rural residents.

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