Kathy Cornett Talks About Dairy Directory Project

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast39 - Kathy CornettThis week I interviewed Kathy Cornett, CEO of McCormick Company, about a unique project her agency recently completed. They have published the first ever Southwest Plains Dairy Directory. This printed directory is also available in an online, searchable database. I thought it was interesting that a full service advertising agency created a publication but it’s not the first time McCormick Company has done something like this. Remember AgriTalk?

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New Listing Pages On AgWired

Chuck Zimmerman

Since we’re constantly evolving around here I made a few changes that you might have noticed on AgWired. I’ve added some pages that are in the top left list of links. Several of these are categories of listings that I think you’ll be interested in. They include: Agencies, Companies/Ag Groups, Media and of course, Blogs & Podcasts. This is just a start. I will be adding to this as time permits. In the meantime, I’d like you to check them out and submit links you’d like me to include. Just email me the name and url.

Hopefully they can become a good resource for you over time.


The Birth of the Global Auction Blog

Chuck Zimmerman

Global Auction GuideThis thing apparently was “born from one farmer’s struggle to find farm auction listings on the Internet.” That farmer being Dwayne Leslie, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. I’m posting this since Dwayne commented on my recent article about Sirius satellite radio. He subscribes to the ZimmCast and I’m sending him an invitation to be my guest on an upcoming program. This auction guide business looks like it has turned into serious business for Dwayne.

I also have to point out that Dwayne’s a blogger too! How ’bout them ag bloggers? We’re the few, the proud, the, well I don’t know what else we are but you get the point. Anyway, visit Dwayne on the Global Auction Blog.

The Global Auction Guide Media Group announces the launch of GlobalAuctionBlog.com to help participants keep up with new developments in the traditional onsite auction industry.

“Blogging is a new phenomenon in the Internet world ” says Global Auction Guide Media Group President Dwayne Leslie. “We wanted to be able to help the auction industry better communicate with the general public. This will give auction participants some insight into how the auction works. There is so much more to having an auction than just bid calling, that many people don’t realise. We also want to communicate with auctioneers in a better way to train them how to use the Internet and technology to it’s full advantage. There are so many snake oil salesmen trying to sell them services that they don’t necessarily need when marketing is truly what they should be concentrating their Internet efforts towards .”

Global Auction Guide Media Group first began in 2001 with the launch of Farm Auction Guide.com. This quickly grew into the largest farm advertising website on the Internet.

Global Auction Guide Media Group is the leading auction advertising network on the Internet with over 17,000 auctions listed in the past 5 years from over 300 of the most progressive auctioneers on the continent. Auctioneers are able to list an unlimited number of sales, items and photos for a very economical monthly fee.

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The Real IFAJ 2009 Planning Session

Chuck Zimmerman

IFAJ 2009 Planning CommitteeWe really did work at preliminary planning for the IFAJ 2009 Congress and got a lot done this morning. Here we are, glad that we’re done! Not everyone could make it but in attendance were:

standing (L-R): Joe Roybal, Andy Markwart, JoAnn Alumbaugh, Paul Queck, David Hest, Me, Mike Wilson
seated (L-R): Diane Johnson, Greg Lamp, Kelly Schwalbe

I’ll have a lot more to come because planning for an international gathering can never start too early.


Beginning To Plan IFAJ 2009

Chuck Zimmerman

IFAJ PlanningThe best way to kick off the planning process for the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress 2009 seemed to be a Friday evening dinner at Cheeseburger In Paradise, Kansas City. Here’s the co-chairs of that planning committee in deep discussion just prior to the start of our after dinner entertainment (more on that). They are Andy Markwart, The Furrow, and Mike Wilson, Prairie Farmer.

Excuse the quality of the picture. That’s a Palm Treo in very low light!


Calling On You Photographers

Chuck Zimmerman

I’m always looking for pictures that would make a good “Zimmage” (see top right image in sidebar). I’ll offer a free AgWired t-shirt to whoever submits their own photo that gets selected to post as a Zimmage (or in a regular post). Just email it to me. I’m looking for seasonal images, farm images, ag-related images of any kind. Let’s see how this goes.

I would like to receive them 200 pixels wide and can use just about any format you choose, although jpeg is preferred. Please include how you’d like to receive credit (name, company, etc.) as well as an address to send you a shirt (if you’re picked). It’ll be a panel of at least one (me), unless Cindy gets involved too.


When Will We See Heineken Premium Light

Chuck Zimmerman

HeinekenThis is appropriate for a Friday afternoon post. I noticed a story on Just-drinks.com that Heineken announced today that they’ll be introducing Heineken Premium Light next spring in the United States. Then in researching it I found this release on the Heineken corporate site that announced this in March. I guess it takes a while to get the ball rolling across the big pond. I’m sure the light version will be just as good as the “original.”

Date: 11 March 2005
Location: Amsterdam, Heineken N.V.
Publisher: Heineken N.V.

Heineken N.V. announced today the introduction to the US market of a new light Heineken beer. This new beer, Heineken Premium Light Lager, is brewed in the same high quality tradition as the original Heineken, but is lighter in taste and has fewer calories and carbohydrates. Heineken will test this new beer in selected US markets in 2005.

The introduction of Heineken Premium Light is consistent with Heineken’s strategy to expandand optimise its product portfolio and to capture an ever-growing share of the premium import segment of the US beer market.


Off To Kansas City To Plan IFAJ 2009

Chuck Zimmerman

IFAJPosting may be a little light today since I’ll be in Kansas City, MO. Tomorrow a group of us will be meeting to start pre-planning the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress 2009. I think the plan is to hold it in conjunction with the Ag Media Summit that year. If you have any ideas you’d like to offer, please feel free to let me know and I’ll be happy to pass them along.

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Finally, A Preview Plugin

Chuck Zimmerman

I’ve never written a post to AgWired that I could preview in WordPress until now! I guess I got so used to it that I didn’t know there was a plugin that allows me to see what I’ve created before you do.

I don’t know how many of you have a blog or use WordPress but if so you have to have this plugin and if I can install it anyone can. You can find it on Matt’s Googly Site.

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