Putting the Pork in World Pork Expo

Cindy Zimmerman

What would World Pork Expo be without Pork? I guess just World Expo – right?? There is an abundance of pork at WPX, actually. Every hospitality tent offers pork for breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or appetizers. Kinda goes with the territory, doncha know? Here we see our National Pork Producer president Bryan Black cutting up some pork outside the NPPC tent, …

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Novus Nutrition Innovation

Cindy Zimmerman

The slogan for Novus International is “Performance Through Innovation” and that is why they employ more than 50 Ph.D. Animal Nutritionists and Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who work continuously to create new products and programs for animal health and nutrition. One of those is Dr. Brad Lawrence, a swine nutritionist who is manager of technical services for the Novus pork …

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Flying Pigs

Cindy Zimmerman

Who says pigs don’t fly? They do at World Pork Expo. The flag is a perfect image of the weather we had today in Des Moines – windy and sunny. Just a beautiful day. It’s fun to walk around the expo and see just how clever people are with the whole pig theme. You can see more shots of pig …

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Glorious Day at WPX

Cindy Zimmerman

For the second night in a row last night we had a major storm pass through the Des Moines area, and for the second day in a row the weather has been gorgeous. Today was even better than yesterday, which did get a bit muggy at times, even though we had some high winds. It was sunny and very pleasant. …

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Cindys are Never Blah

Cindy Zimmerman

Two Cindys are twice as fun as one and never blah! My buddy Cindy Cunningham with the National Pork Board/Pork Checkoff stopped by the Novus International tent to do a “Cindy Show” with me. Among the many things we talked about were how the pork checkoff is helping producers find new ways to save money on their operations during these …

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What’s Up With Watt

Cindy Zimmerman

Longevity for a family-owned and operated business is not all that common in today’s world of acquisitions, especially in the agribusiness and media worlds, but Watt Media is the exception to the rule. Greg Watt is the fourth generation president and CEO of Watt Publishing, a business started by his great grandfather J.W. Watt in 1917 through an acquisition of …

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THE Pork Economist

Cindy Zimmerman

Dr. Glenn Grimes with the University of Missouri has been the definitive voice for the livestock industry as far as economics goes for five decades. He is here at World Pork Expo giving his views on the current state of the industry and what producers can expect and do to survive the next 18 months or so. “The objective should …

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Media Coverage at WPX

Cindy Zimmerman

This is the banner hanging on the side of the Novus International hospitality tent and inside we have a nice little set up to do interviews and posting and just meet and greet. It’s really pretty cool – I feel very special! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend much time hanging around there today because there were lots of media …

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The Novus Pork Team

Cindy Zimmerman

This good-looking bunch represents the Novus International Pork Team on duty at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines. Novus is a relatively new pork industry partner, only about two years, but the company has been well known in the poultry industry for many years in the animal health and nutrition field. They actually have products and programs for beef, …

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