First Press Conference with Acting Ag Secretary

Cindy Zimmerman

It didn’t go off quite as planned, but Acting Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner held his first telephone press conference with the media on Monday afternoon. After a brief opening statement, it was opened to questions, but there weren’t any! Even though there were nearly 100 reporters on the line. That was because they apparently had some technical difficulties and an …

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U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Resigns

Chuck Zimmerman

Here in Japan the turmoil at their Ministry of Agriculture precluded our being able to meet with their Minister. Back home it looks like we’ve got a little turnover going on too. I just learned that Mike Johanns has resigned as our Ag Secretary. The picture of him here is from the recent Farm Progress Show. I’ve always been a …

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Sec. of Ag Mike Johanns Visits Farm Progress Show

Chuck Zimmerman

Our U. S. Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns is visiting the Farm Progress Show today. His first stop was the media tent where he awarded EJ Water Cooperative with $8.8 million for a loan and grant to build a water treatment plant. This is part of USDA’s Rural Development initiative. Johanns then proceeded to make some comments regarding the farm …

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Biosecurity Alert for Livestock

Laura McNamara

The outbreak of foot- and mouth- disease abroad has the Department of Agriculture issuing an alert to domestic livestock producers. The U.S. Ag Department singles out the need for Pennsylvania producers to closely monitor contact with British livestock. The state Department of Agriculture is urging livestock producers to heighten biosecurity practices, especially if dealing with international markets, in light of …

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Farm Bill Update From Secretary Johanns

Chuck Zimmerman

What’s happening with the Farm Bill is the subject of more press releases than we can count lately. I don’t focus a lot of time on policy but it’s important to know what’s going on. This morning U. S. Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns, held a press conference to bring us up to date and explain the Administration’s position on …

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Connecting Rural America

Chuck Zimmerman

It’s really getting hard to ignore the fact that broadband internet access is available or in development everywhere in rural America isn’t it? We’re sure not ignoring it. In fact, we’re helping companies take advantage of it! Deputy Agriculture Secretary Chuck Connor today announced the availability of $8.9 million in grants for communities without broadband service to provide residential service …

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Logan Barbee Helping Agriculture in Iraq

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s the latest report from Paul McKellips, Global Outreach Officer, US Embassy Baghdad, The Green Room – Public Affairs GO Team. He’s still finding the news you won’t find anywhere else. This time he interviews a Florida boy who’s doing what he can to help out. You can listen to Paul’s report here: logan-barbee.mp3 Logan Barbee is a Senior Agricultural …

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Homeownership Month Reflects USDA Homebuilding Efforts

Laura McNamara

USDA Rural Development spotlights its roll in homebuilding efforts this June, National Homeownership Month. Thomas Dorr is the Agriculture Under Secretary for Rural Development. He says programs sponsored by USDA Rural Development have enabled rural residents to have their own abode to call home. “For nearly 60 years, USDA Rural Development has helped rural Americans with the blueprint to become …


June Marks Season for Farmers Markets

Laura McNamara

A cooking demonstration, live entertainment and a raffle for various prizes will kick off the summer Farmers Market season. The openning of the 12th season of the USDA Farmers Market will also feature a booth offering nutritional information and food suggestions from the USDA for the home. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Conner will officiate the openning Friday, June 1 …

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