Roundup Powered Up at Ag Field Day

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Two new cotton varieties from the Delta and Pine Land Company will be displayed at the Ag Technology Field Day, July 19th in Memphis. D&PL’s Bollgard II®/Roundup Ready® Flex cotton varieties are designed to control resistant weeds and offer greater weed management. In 2006 testing, both DP 141 B2RF and DP 161 B2RF demonstrated yield and fiber potential a step …

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DirectCommand™ For Direct Control

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It’s precision farming with point-blank control. Ag Leader Technology Inc. is now offering DirectCommand™ for strip-till applicators. The manufacturer of precision farming equipment says the system meets all strip-till application needs through direct oversight for granular and liquid products. DirectCommand™ for strip-till applicators monitors bin level and fan speed sensors, maintains accurate application rate by controlling servo or PWM hydraulic …

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