The @NHAgriculture NHDrive Concept Autonomous Tractor

Chuck Zimmerman

Want a glimpse into the future of farming? You get it at the New Holland exhibit at the Farm Progress Show. On display is a concept tractor that is autonomous. I spoke with Carlo Lambro, Global President for New Holland, about this driverless tractor. Actually, the owner has the option to drive it or remotely control it since the New …

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#IFAJ2016 Bayer Tour – Part 6 – Application Technology

Chuck Zimmerman

You don’t usually think of Bayer CropScience as an application equipment company but did you know that the company does a lot of work with machinery manufacturers, supporting them in ways like the development of environmentally friendly spray technology. The team for this is lead by Dr. Reinhard Friessleben, Head of Bayer’s Application Technology. He along with Armin Lind, Application …

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GIS Tech is @Esri Specialty

Cindy Zimmerman

At the recent 2016 InfoAg Conference we had the chance to learn about Esri, a software company that allows growers to integrate high-resolution imagery, field observations, and real-time data feeds to help growers manage their land more efficiently with GIS technology. Charlie Magruder, Agriculture Lead for Esri, explained some of the unique benefits that technology is offering growers. “What we …

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AgGateway Releases ADAPT ToolKit at #InfoAg16

Kelly Marshall

If InfoAg had an unofficial theme, it was connectivity, and nowhere was that more important than the AgGateway booth.  Susan Ruland, Communications Director for AgGateway shared with me about the organization whose sole mission is the collaboration between agribusiness companies.  Finding common standards to connect across the food industry has been a goal of theirs for years, anything from sales …

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Paperwork Streamlining Solution from @CropTrak

Joanna Schroeder

Drowning in paperwork is not limited to corporate America. With ever growing regulations and a call for more transparency on food production from consumers, farmers are also on the verge of drowning in paperwork. But have no fear, Crop Trak is here with a solution to assist growers streamline paperwork and InfoAg attendees learned all about it in the presentation, …

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AgGateway Advances Solutions for Data Management

Joanna Schroeder

Progress on the AgGateway consortium was delivered to attendees of InfoAg this week in St. Louis, Missouri. The non-profit was founded to address eConnectivity needs in agriculture as the industry develops and adopts more powerful tools to increase efficiency and productivity. One way this is being achieved is through data exchange. This year AgGateway announced new standards, models and other …

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#InfoAg16 Hints at Future for @JohnDeere

Kelly Marshall

Jeremy Leifker leads the product strategy and marketing group at John Deere, a division responsible for bringing new ideas to the company pipeline.  While much of what is in the works remains a secret, Leifker took time at InfoAg to tell AgWired about a theme that is important to what John Deere develops. Telematics, or remote measurements, are an important part of the …

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Chromatin Advancing Sorghum Seed Technology

Lizzy Schultz

Chromatin Inc., a sorghum breeding and improvement company based out of Chicago, made an appearance at the 2016 Ag Media Summit to highlight the company’s breeding programs, as well as its dedication to creating new hybrids and developing new planting seeds for use in both livestock and human food consumption all over the world. “We’re committed to sorghum, we don’t …

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Nobel Laureates Say Stop Blocking Golden Rice

Kelly Marshall

This morning three Nobel Laureates presented at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to call on Greenpeace, the United Nations and governments around the world to support GMOs. They are the public face of more than 100 Nobel Laureates who signed a letter asking that campaigns agains products like Golden Rice be abandoned.  The letter condemns practices that are …

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