EPA Pesticide Program Update for Cotton

Cindy Zimmerman

The 2021 virtual Beltwide Cotton Consultants Conference Tuesday included an update from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Pesticide Programs on crop protection products important to cotton growers. Michael Goodis, Acting Deputy Director, provided information on a number of pesticides, including dicamba. In this excerpt from his presentation, Goodis explains the process that went into determining the final registration …

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Evaluating 2020 to Prepare for 2021

Carrie Muehling

Longer residual control from products like Miravis and Trivapro will help growers fight disease in 2021. “We’re protecting that plant longer and that’s what’s adding that extra ROI and benefit because we have maximized that photosynthetic area to put into that ear to get that yield and that’s where that benefit is coming from,” said Dean Grossnickle, Syngenta Agronomic Service …

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Time to Consider 2021 Weed Management Strategy

Carrie Muehling

As growers look back on 2020, they saw another year where low commodity prices meant more bushels were the best path forward. Syngenta‘s Dane Bowers pointed to Acuron corn herbicide as a great weed resistance management tool. “Certainly, understanding the value that a herbicide product brings is really important. I think what I would like growers to think about is …

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NK Corn Portfolio Offers Strong Genetics, Traits

Carrie Muehling

A focus on yield, consistency, and leveraging technology is bringing the NK corn portfolio into 2021, according to Joe Bollman, NK Corn Product Manager for Syngenta. “We have depth in our portfolio,” said Bollman, who participated in the National Association of Farm Broadcasting virtual Trade Talk event. “What that goes to show is that we’ve been doing a good job …

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Syngenta Saltro® Fungicide has Strong First Year

Carrie Muehling

Growers who have dealt with Soybean Cyst Nematode or Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) know that both are perpetual challenges, potentially creating substantial issues when planting into that environment. Syngenta‘s Saltro fungicide proved to protect against these threats during the 2020 growing season, which was the first it was available commercially. “It protects the plant against SDS, it protects the plant …

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Syngenta Sets New Goals for Good Growth Plan

Carrie Muehling

After launching the original Good Growth Plan in 2013, Syngenta has met the initial goals and is looking further into the future of sustainability in agriculture. The company has four new commitments they will focus on through the year 2025, including accelerating innovation for farmers and nature. “It’s really around helping farmers deal with some of the extreme weather conditions …

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Golden Harvest Seeds Ready for 2021

Carrie Muehling

Growers choosing Golden Harvest Seeds will have a strong portfolio backed by consistent customer service in 2021. Better than expected yields in some areas and market rallies are providing some optimism heading into the new year, said Dave Young, head of marketing. “I think a lot of farmers were very happy with soybean yields, probably happier than they had a …

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Syngenta Offers Advice for CRW Pressure

Cindy Zimmerman

Weakened roots due to corn rootworm (CRW) pressure helped to result in more downed corn in several Midwestern states this year from windstorms and the infamous derecho. Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota were among the states most affected this year, according to Syngenta. Other areas seeing heavier than normal CRW pressure this year included key rootworm geographies of northern …

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Syngenta #RootedInAg Winner Announced

Chuck Zimmerman

Hannah Borg, 22, of Wakefield, Nebraska, is the 2020 Syngenta #RootedinAg Contest grand prize winner. You can see her entry video here. In her heartwarming entry, Borg pays tribute to the matriarch of their sixth-generation family farm — her 86-year-old grandmother, Lois Borg Borg is the seventh #RootedinAg Contest winner. She was chosen from a hearty pool of applicants and …

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