How BASF Flo-Rite Helps Increase Yields

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Keeping seed treatment on the seed to retain the active ingredient at maximum capacity is one of the main benefits of BASF’s Flo Rite Plantability Seed Coating and that benefits growers at harvest time. “Our Flo Rite plantability polymer acts as a thin film coating that locks that seed treatment on the seed and keeps it there where a grower …

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ASTA Seed Foundation Update

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First the Seed Foundation (FTSF) is a not-for-profit organization established in 2008 by the American Seed Trade Association with a focus on attracting bright young minds to the industry. “The seed industry is an exciting, dynamic, high tech industry,” said Foundation chairman Bud Hughes of Verdant Partners during an update at CSS 2014 and Seed Expo last week. “We want …

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African Seed Trade Learns from ASTA

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It was AFSTA meets ASTA last week at the CSS 2014 and Seed Expo in Chicago. Denias Zaranyika is the Vice President of the African Seed Trade Association (AFSTA) and he attended last week’s event to see what he could bring home to his colleagues in the countries of Africa. “We want to exchange information and learn from Americans,” he …

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Future Seed Executives at CSS & Seed Expo

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Future Seed Executives (FuSE) had a week full of activities last week at the ASTA CSS & Seed Expo, including some quality time with Bill Whitacre president and CEO of Simplot. FuSE Iniative is an official subcommittee of the American Seed Trade Association’s (ASTA) Management Skills Committee. Since its formal inception in 2004, FuSE has focused on educating and supporting …

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Research Looks at Value of Neonicotinoids

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The agriculture industry is working to show the benefits of neonicotinoids in the face of an EPA report released in October concluding that the seed treatments “provide little or no overall benefits to soybean production in most situations.” During the ASTA CSS and Seed Expo last week, Dr. Pete Nowak with AgInfomatics discussed some of his findings on the value …

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BASF on Importance of Coatings and Inoculants

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Coatings and inoculants are where it’s at in the seed industry these days and BASF Ag Products is in the forefront of this important technology for agriculture. “When we speak of inoculants, we’re talking about rhizobia-based products,” said BASF US Crop Seed Enhancement manager Steve Bergschneider during an interview at the ASTA CSS 2014 and Seed Expo in Chicago. “We …

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Media Training for ASTA Members

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American Farm Bureau Federation director of media and advocacy training Johnna Miller conducted a workshop for members of the American Seed Trade Association during CSS 2014 on how to effectively communicate with the media. Johnna says farmers and ranchers have a great story to tell, but it’s not always easy for them to do. She hopes attendees walk away from …

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ASTA Chairs Pleased with CSS 2014

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The chairman and first vice chair of the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) are pleased with this year’s turnout at CSS 2014 and Seed Expo and with the direction of the organization. ASTA chair John Schoenecker with HM. Clause of California says the program is exceptionally good this year. “Everything from bee health to cover crops, the international treaty for …

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ASTA CSS Focus on Pollinators

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There has been an increasing focus on pollinators lately, but the Pollinator Partnership has been working on pollinator health issues for the past 18 years with a diverse set of partners. Partnership executive director Laurie Davies Adams was on a panel focused on keeping pollinators safe during ASTA CSS in Chicago this week providing an update on the organization’s latest …

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