2nd Syngenta Photography Award Call for Entries

SyngentaSyngenta announced that the second Syngenta Photography Award is now open for entries. The Award aims to stimulate dialogue and create awareness around significant global challenges through powerful photography.

The Syngenta Photography Award invites professional and amateur photographers from all over the world to submit applications in two categories – the Professional Commission and the Open Competition. The Award offers total prize money of $65,000, including a $25,000 professional commission. Images from the Award will be exhibited in March 2015 at Somerset House, one of London’s most celebrated arts and culture venues.

The theme of the second Award is “Scarcity-Waste”. It draws attention to arguably the greatest challenge the world faces: how can we ensure there is enough land, food and water for future generations? The resources we use and the waste we create today means we already need the equivalent of one and a half planets.

Mike Mack, CEO of Syngenta, said: “The success of the inaugural Syngenta Photography Award has demonstrated that photography is a powerful medium to foster a deeper understanding of global challenges, and has the ability to inspire us to find ways to create a more sustainable future.”

Entries will be judged by a distinguished international panel chaired by author and curator William A. Ewing. “I am delighted to have been invited for the second time to chair the jury sessions of the Syngenta Photography Award and be part of the inspiring jury discussions,” said Mr. Ewing. “I was deeply impressed with the quality of work submitted for the inaugural Award, and I now look forward to discover more outstanding work from professional and amateur photographers under a new theme.”

The application deadline for both the Professional Commission and Open Competition is September 15, 2014.

Launched in 2012, the Syngenta Photography Award was created to stimulate dialogue around key global challenges and to establish an important platform to explore issues of global significance through photography. For the inaugural competition, exploring the theme of Rural-Urban, 2,500 applicants from all over the world submitted their photographs to the Open Competition, including 450 submissions from professional photographers for the commission. The Rural-Urban exhibition is available online: http://ruralurban.syngentaphoto.com

ZimmComm Hits 100,000 Photos During IFAJ 2013

“I got a Nikon camera, I love to take a photograph, so Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away.” Paul Simon

ifaj13-cattle-crossingSometime last week during the IFAJ 2013 Congress, ZimmComm reached a milestone of 100,000 photos in our eight-year-old Flickr account.

We picked this photo as our 100,000th – since we are not exactly sure but it’s one of our favorites. It was from the livestock tour where the gauchos led a cattle drive across a river. Video to follow soon – it was pretty awesome!

Actually, we now have 100,334 photos in 447 sets, dating back to May 2005. Back in the day, that would have been a whole lotta Kodachrome! Our photos have been viewed nearly 5.5 million times and average about 30,000 views per day. Some day we would like to catalog all of these photos and make them easier to find – if anyone thinks they would like to take on that job, contact us and let’s talk.

2013 IFAJ Congress Photo Album

Coverage of the 2013 IFAJ Congress is sponsored by Novus International and Dupont Pioneer

AgNewsWire – Ag Media’s Online Ag News Service

AgNewsWireZimmComm New Media, LLC has expanded its AgNewsWire.com website to serve as a new agricultural media content service for reporters, companies, organizations and individuals seeking high quality photos and audio from industry events and concerning current issues.

“We generate so much content on our agricultural and renewable energy websites that we decided to create one place for all of it to make it easier for people in the industry to locate and utilize,” said ZimmComm New Media president Chuck Zimmerman. “Last year we covered nearly 70 different industry events, posted more than 1200 audio files and placed nearly 20,000 high resolution photos in Flickr albums. All of that content is available for anyone to download and use free of charge.”

AgNewsWire.com will now have links to all the audio, photos and video that ZimmComm compiles at events, for podcasts, news conferences and more. In addition, AgNewsWire will also continue to be an agricultural news release distribution service as it has been since it was introduced in 2006.

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Learn, Laugh, & Lead at 2013 CCA Bootcamp

image003The Cooperative Communications Association’s 2013 Professional Development workshop will be here before you know it. Register by January 11 to attend the CCA Bootcamp held January 29th & 30th in Bloomington, IL.

Be sure to pack your tools of the trade including camera and/or video camera to fine tune skills in web design, photography, videography & social media. The world of agriculture communications is an ever changing industry. Here is what you can look forward to absorbing during the two-day bootcamp.

“Guerilla Strategies for Good Web Design”
Presented by Business Builders:

We all want our websites to look good and function well, but how do you know what “good” really is? No matter what software or platform you use to create your sites, there are some elements that all good websites have in common. This session will give you the what, why and how to get in and get out with a stellar site.

cca bootcamp“Surveying Your Battle Map”
Presented by Jim Polus, Illinois Farm Bureau Videographer:

If a picture paints a thousand words, how much more of the story can video tell? The popularity of short videos has surged in recent years and has many applications for communicators today. Jim will talk about equipment, storyboarding, software and tips for creating amazing videos on any budget.

“Using All the Weapons in Your Arsenal”
Presented by Barb Adelman, Elan Studios Photography:

Show of hands – how many of us ever take our cameras off the “auto” setting? Today’s digital cameras at any level can take great pictures – if you just know what settings to use and when. This session will help you understand the basics of photography and how to use those “other” options on your camera to take better pictures.

“I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told”
Presented by Tricia Braid, Illinois Corn Growers Association:

Social media is here to stay and new sites keep appearing almost daily. How do you decide which ones are right for your organization? It’s a decision that must be made with many factors in mind, including how the platform fits with your existing PR strategy and company goals and culture. Tricia will share some of her experiences with the Corn Growers and the Illinois Farm Families initiative as examples of successful social media campaigns.

Sled Driver Inspires Ag Aviators

ZimmCast 329Last week I attended the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) convention in Las Vegas. It was the third time we have had the opportunity to find out more about these “unsung heroes of agriculture,” thanks to our friends with BASF.

naaaAmong the many ways BASF supports NAAA is by sponsoring the convention kick off breakfast, which always features a speaker with an aviation theme. This year, that speaker was Brian Shul, pilot and author of the coffee table book Sled Driver – Flying the World’s Fastest Jet, which is a compilation of the best photos that he took over many years flying the SR-71 Blackbird. It would make a great Christmas gift for anyone on your list who appreciates military aircraft and/or breathtaking photography! You can order yours at SledDriver.com.

I interviewed Brian at the NAAA about the plane, the book, how he got such great shots, and his continuing love of photography – listen to that conversation in this week’s ZimmCast: Pilot and Author Brian Shul

See more photos from the NAAA convention here – 2011 NAAA Convention Photo Album

Thanks to our ZimmCast sponsor, GROWMARK, locally owned, globally strong, for their support.

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AgWired coverage of the 2011 NAAA Convention is sponsored by BASF

A Blurb About Blurb

For the past three years, we have been creating year-end photo albums for some of our clients with a service called Blurb. There are others out there that can do the job, but I started using Blurb and have stuck with it and I think it’s just great – easy to use and not very expensive for a really high quality product.

If you want to check out the books we have done, just go to Blurb.com and type zimmcomm in the search box and all of our books will come up – or you can just use this link. I wish we could do photo albums for all of our clients, but they are a bit time consuming – although I am getting better at it every year! Next year I hope to make a few personal ones for our family. Daughter Chelsea has used iPhoto on the Mac to make some for family. She is currently designing one for Chuck’s brother and his family, who just lost their house to a fire last weekend, that includes some of the many photos we have taken on visits there over the years. I’m sure they will treasure it.

In this age of digital photography, I have heard many people complain that looking at pictures on the computer is just not the same as having those prints in nice albums that you can take out and pour through the memories, and most of us just don’t want to take the time and trouble to have them printed to put in albums. Doing it on-line is a great way to solve that dilemma – and with custom backgrounds and colors and text boxes, etc – it’s actually easier, more fun and makes really long-lasting and beautiful books that can be bring memories for years. Plus, you can make multiple copies to share!

The fire that destroyed Chuck’s brother’s house really made us think about all those memories we have lining the shelves of our house. We have at least 40 albums containing more than 10,000 photos that we could never get out of the house if there were a disaster. So the big project next year will be to get them all digitized to save – along with the 70,000 plus digital that we already have on the home server from work and personal events over the past seven years or so! I had already looked into getting our old 8mm videos digitized by a service called iMemories and they do photos as well. If anyone has already used a service like this and have some feedback, please let us know.

Wishing everyone a blessed and joyful holiday full of memories that will last forever!

Catching up with Laura

mcnamaraLong-time Agwired readers may remember the lovely and talented Laura McNamara who did quite a bit of work for us back a couple of years ago. Among her many assignments was covering the 2007 Indy 500 and Agritechnica. She was also at the 2008 Farm Progress Show with Chuck and helped us with a number of other clients. Her amazing talents include writing and fabulous photography. She is truly an exceptional artist.

mcnamaraLaura has been living out her dream and traveling extensively over the last couple of years, as that is her passion. At last count, she had visited more than 22 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America – including 12 countries in one year alone!

She is currently traveling around Mexico and basing herself in Chihuahua. Some of her most recent photo albums include spectacular views and portraits of the people in Mexico’s Copper Canyon.

Laura now has set up a store on her main blog, giramonda.com, where you can purchase some of her fine photography. Check it out – you will be amazed!

Harvest Photos From U.S. Grains Council

USGC Harvest of PhotosIf you’re looking for some photos of the harvest then look to the U.S. Grains Council Flickr set of 2009 Harvest Photos.

The USGC is collecting photos from U.S. farmers all over the country. Thanks to all of you that submitted photos. Remember that we are still accepting photos until Dec. 1, 2009.

This photo is of Dave and Sue Roehm who make farming a family affair in Leesburg, Ohio.

Grains Council Seeking Harvest Photos

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) wants to see the fruits of your harvest.

fps 09 harvestUSGC is encouraging all farmers to carry a camera in the combine this year to snap some photos of the harvesting of food, feed and fuel for the United States and abroad. Each photo will be entered for a free Council meeting registration for our 7th International Marketing Conference and 50th Annual Membership Meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Feb. 13-17, 2010. Enter more than one photo to increase your chances of winning!

Photo entries are open to anyone. The Council will assume the rights of submitted entries for use in publications and online. Entries must be JPEG files. Submit your entries via e-mail to thegrainboard@grains.org by Nov. 1. You may also mail entries in a CD or jump drive to 1400 K St. N.W., Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20005.

While you are at it, feel free to email your photos to us here at Agwired as well. Your reward will be to see your photos with credit published on one or more of ZimmComm’s many ag-related websites. Almost as good as a free registration for a conference in Mexico!