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New Holland Roll Belt 560Robert Hendrix is the rock star of New Holland hay and forage tools. I had fun letting him show off a couple of new products at the National Farm Machinery Show, the Discbine 313 mower-conditioner and Roll Belt 560 round baler. In the interview below he talks us through all the new features.

Discbine 313:

New Holland has taken the Discbine® mower-conditioner to a new level with two new center-pivot models. Combining both speed and performance, the new Discbine® 313 and Discbine® 316 feature increased durability, more efficient crop flow and smoother, more effective conditioning. The combination of larger cutting discs and a wider conditioning system leads to cleaner cutting, better crop flow and more consistent drying. Co-rotating disc modules have been removed on the Discbine 313 and reduced to one pair on the Discbine 316. This greatly reduces the crop convergence between the cutterbar and the conditioner.

Roll Belt 560:

The New Holland’s Roll-Belt™ 560 5′x 6′ round baler delivers two elements cattle producers ask for the most: higher baling capacity and better feeding ability in a wide range of crops and baling conditions. New Holland’s proven combination of rolls and belts gets hay rolling quickly for fast, reliable core starts and helps pack more hay into every bale for less outside storage losses.

You can listen to the interview with Robert here and learn more: Interview with Robert Hendrix

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Get Behind the Wheel of New Holland’s PLM System

new-holland-ag-13-154-editedInnovative technology has evolved agriculture further than most of our grandparents can even fathom. The folks at New Holland Agriculture have done their homework when it comes to their Precision Land Management (PLM) systems.

During their recent First in the Field event, media had the opportunity to jump behind the wheel of all the equipment. But a highlight for many was the chance to see the PLM auto-guidance system in action. I brought my camera along and captured the precision technology in action. Check out how it feels to be behind the wheel and listen to a New Holland representative talk about all the perks of a PLM program.

View photos from the event here: 2013 New Holland Ag Media Event Photo Album

New Holland’s New Speedrower Line

new-holland-ag-13-125-editedNew Holland Agriculture’s Speedrower Self-Propelled Windrowers was another stop during their First in the Field Media Event. The Speedrower allows for producers to travel faster and increase efficiency. Yet still provides the industry-leading power, control, comfort and performance New Holland customers expect.

  • Integrated IntelliSteer auto-guidance eliminates pass-to-pass overlap.
  • Improved steering control gives for smooth, responsive handling.
  • Hydrostatic transmission allows for 24-mph, high-speed, foward-looking transport.
  • Prairie Special and draper-ready upgrades.
  • Upgraded rear support and tire options.

new-holland-ag-13-124-editedSeth Doman, Brand Marketing Manager for Hay & Forage Preparation Products, explained each new addition and shared dealer feedback after they participated in the First in the Field event.

“We have three new models in the Speedrower line replacing the H8000 series that will be new for 2014. Dealers can order this producer across North American today and are ordering. We have a pre-sale program that is going on through the end of the month.”

Listen to my interview with Seth from here: Interview with Seth Doman

View photos from the event here: 2013 New Holland Ag Media Event Photo Album

BigBalers for Big Jobs

new-holland-ag-13-093-editedNow here is a new toy for all those commercial hay operations, straw contractors and owner-operators shipping world-wide. New Holland Agriculture’s Next Generation BigBaler 330 produces 3′x3′ bales and the BigBaler 340 produces 3′x4′ bales.

  • Provides up to 20% more capacity with up to 5% more density with patented “C” Shaped Shuttle design.
  • Increased baling speeds of 110 bales per hour.
  • PTO driveline design brings improved durability with efficient and faster feeding.
  • Proven pre-change chamber along with 48% increased flywheel inertia ensuring consistent and dense flake formation with less driveline.
  • SMART features including Smart Fill Indicators, Crop Saver and Crop ID.

new-holland-ag-13-081-editedMark Lowery, Hay & Forage Marketing Specialist, focuses on crop packaging and baling equipment and served as our BigBaler expert for the day. While interviewing Mark, he gave light into the new technologies used to bring New Holland’s 2014 lineup front and center when it comes to hay and forage production in North America.

Listen to my interview with Mark from here: Interview with Mark Lowery

View photos from the event here: 2013 New Holland Ag Media Event Photo Album

True Blue Tractor Luxury

new-holland-ag-13-103-editedThe two tractors highlighted during New Holland Agriculture’s First in the Field Media Event included the T5 and T6 series tractors. The new T5 has redefined utility tractor standards for mixed farmers with diversified livestock and crop operations. And the T6 has been further enriched by the addition of Auto Command.

T5 Series:
- 3.4L F5D Tier 4A emission complaint engines that utilize a Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system & a Diesel Particulate Filter.
- Heavy-duty components that enable long hours of working on the farm.
- A broad loader offering further enhanced versatility.
- VisionView cab provides ultimate comfort and visibility.
- Ergonomic CommandArc console provides the operator with perfect placement of controls.

T6 Series:
- Auto Command transmission for enhanced efficiency.
- Multi-award-winning Side Winder II armrest.
- Upgraded Horizon Cab for outstanding all-day comfort.
- Powerful hydraulics boasting 33 gal. per min. of flow capacity.
- Blue Power edition for a touch of farming luxury.
- ECOBlue SCR technology which will reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.

Mike Sevick, Marketing Specialist in Dairy & Livestock Brand Marketing, specifically works with T4, T5, T5 Electro Command, T6, T6 Auto Command and TS6 series tractors. While explaining all the new features of these tractors, Mike was excited to share the dealers enthusiasm while they got behind the wheel of these blue beauties. He even stated that many are looking for them to replace the T6020 and T6030 tractors.

Listen to my interview with Mike from here: Interview with Mike Sevick

View photos from the event here: 2013 New Holland Ag Media Event Photo Album

Center-Pivot Discbine Mower-Conditioners

new-holland-ag-13-064-editedOne of the six checkpoints we traveled through during New Holland Agriculture’s First in the Field Media Event was on their new discbines. New Holland has taken discbines to a whole new level with even more durability and functionality with their two new center-pivot models. Discbine 313 and 316 are designed for cleaner cutting, more efficient crop flow and smoother, more effective conditioning.

  • The MowMax II cutter bar offers improved durability and the ShockPRO fail safe system.
  • The WideDry conditioning system is 22.5% wider than New Holland’s previous models.
  • These models offer simplified drivelines with single drive shaft and advanced shielding with high density, bi-fold upper shielding, reducing the weight by 75%.
  • A two-speed conditioning system is adjustable for the perfect hay quality.
  • The LeaningEdge flail conditioning allows for even faster drying.
  • Those working in energy crops like cane and corn stover might be interested in the new BioMass Kit.

new-holland-ag-13-059-editedDuring the media event I spoke with Brand Marketing Manager for Hay & Forage Crop Preparation Products, Seth Doman. Not only did he share more insight into these proven technologies, but also when farmers can find them at their local New Holland dealership.

Listen to my interview with Seth from here: Interview with Seth Doman

View photos from the event here: 2013 New Holland Ag Media Event Photo Album

New Holland Invites Media to First in the Field

new-holland-ag-13-030-editedNew Holland Agriculture’s First in the Field event has taken place throughout the month of July. The event is designed to train and educate dealers on new products, but ag media had the opportunity to take it all in as well.

While enduring the heat in southern Texas, ag media spent the morning going through six checkpoints. Each station dug deep into the products new elements, gave a visual for hands on learning and time for some q & a. After a lunch of chicken and beef fajitas, we boarded vans to head out in the field. Ride and drive stations were set-up to allow for an up close and personal view of all the new bells and whistles.

During the event I chatted with Mike Cornman, New Holland Hay and Forage Segment Marketing Manager, about the importance of this event and how their innovative technology for 2014 will be desired by farmers across North America.

“As we prepare for season 2014 we have several new products when it comes to hay and forage equipment and felt it necessary to spot light that equipment, but not only tell the media about the equipment but have an opportunity for them to use the machines in the field and see them as they are cutting and baling hay.”

Listen to my interview with Mike from here: Interview with Mike Cornman

View photos from the event here: 2013 New Holland Ag Media Event Photo Album

New Holland Dealer Training

new-holland-ag-13-116-editedNew Holland Agriculture has spent a good part of the summer in the great state of Texas training their dealers from across North America. The training has taken place in Houston, where the temps are high and the humidity is even higher. But that hasn’t stop dealers from taking advantage of the two-day training opportunity.

The dealers rotate through six checkpoints where each new product line is announced. Details are given about changes and additions, but the most important part of the training is the chance for dealers to get behind the wheel and actually run the equipment themselves.

I spoke with Abe Hughes, Vice President of New Holland, North America, recently when they invited ag media to their training facilities in Houston, TX. Abe shared with me how growth, creating smart products and continuing partnerships are the three most important avenues New Holland has set out to accomplish.

“I’m just really excited to be sharing our seven product launches that we’ve got for the dairy and beef segments. It’s really exciting being here in Texas with you guys from the media so you can see them and hear from our experts. Then get in the field and use the equipment. We are also sharing this with all of our dealers. We have been here for five weeks training dealers and employees.”

“What I find amazing is 89 million cattle are actually out there being raised for beef and dairy. New Holland is probably providing feed for most of those cattle every single day. The more we can train people in making better hay, the better nutrition that forage is going to have for the farmer and that means better beef and dairy we are going to have on our table.”

Listen to my interview with Abe from here: Interview with Abe Hughes

2013 New Holland Ag Media Event Photo Album

New Holland Adds to Legacy with BigBalers

nfms-13-nh-balerThey’ve been known for a long time for their baling products, and at the recent National Farm Machinery Show, our friends from New Holland really showed their legacy with two new models, the BigBaler 330 and 340, producing 3′x3′ or 3′x4′ large square bales.

“You’ll see a new styling, a new appearance,” all designed to have better serviceability, said New Holland’s Mike Cornman. But the biggest improvements are the increases in capacity. “We’ve seen a 20 percent increase in capacity versus our prior series, mostly coming from the improvements made in the pickup to the baler,” while also increasing the density of the bales by 5 percent, making the producer more efficient.

Mike added the BigBaler 330 and 340 are best matched with New Holland’s T7 and T8 series tractors.

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Mike here: Interview with Mike Cornman

2013 National Farm Machinery Show Photo Album

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Bigger Baling From New Holland

Another “what’s new” from New Holland includes a new BigBaler like this 340 model. On site at the Farm Progress Show to talk about it was Scott Wangsgard.

New Holland’s next generation BigBaler sets a new benchmark in baling performance. With up to a 20% increase in capacity and up to 5% denser bales, the BigBalers significantly improve productivity and profitability. The BigBaler 330 produces 3′x3′ bales while the BigBaler 340 produces 3′x4′ bales.

The all-new MaxiSweepTM pickup has been completely redesigned featuring a new full-width feed assist roller with paired overshot-undershot augers at both ends to pull in material to ensure that every last stem of profitable crop is safely baled. The addition of a standard roller windguard helps pre-compress the crop mat before the pickup tine so ensure continuous smooth crop flow from the swath to the baler and prevents crop flow disturbance for uniform bale production.

Pulling this BigBaler is a New Holland T7 Series tractor with CVT transmission.

Listen to my interview with Scott here: Interview with Scott Wangsgard

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New Holland MegaCutter at Mega Media Event

One of the new offerings from New Holland featured at last week’s Mega Media event was the MegaCutter™.

We already heard about this new mounted triple disc mower-conditioner when it debuted at the National Farm Machinery Show in February, but we got another look last week in more detail with the help of New Holland Hay and Forage Segment Marketing Manager Mike Cornman.

Mike says the MegaCutter was designed for the professional customer looking for more capacity and more productivity. “It will provide 30 foot width of cut at one time with a T7 or T8 series New Holland tractor equipped with a front three point hitch and PTO,” he said. “We have a good customer base with our self-propelled forage harvesters and this is the type of machine that those customers are looking at.”

New Holland is holding a “Ready to Roll” sales event happening right now through June 30. The event includes various incentives for all of New Holland’s hay and forage products. “In addition, there’s also a demonstration program that many of our dealers participate in,” Mike adds. “It’s an opportunity for new customers to try a mid-range tractor, round baler, or a disc mower conditioner on their farm as part of their buying decision.”

Listen to my interview with Mike here and watch a very short video clip with him below:
Mike Cornman Interview

New Holland Media Event album

Using Bio-Forge to Increase Soybean Yields

This week, during the Ag Associates Conference hosted by StollerUSA, I had the opportunity to talk with Mike Molnar, with Town and Country Ag. His company is a co-op working in nine counties in North Eastern Ohio and three of their locations provide full-service ag products and applications for growers.

Molnar told me that he has been using Stoller products for the last four years to help overcome one of their biggest challenges which is poor soil. “We’re always looking for ways to improve root growth to get better yield in our crops,” he said.

He, along with other growers in the area, are still learning and he recently did a trial with grass hay where he has seen some pretty drastic results using Bio-Forge and Folizyme together. He mentioned that he has also done some good things with soybeans using Golden Harvest Plus, a Stoller product.

“If you’ve got a plant stalled or not growing the way you want it to, you can get that plant to jumpstart a little bit and take off and start growing again for you,” explained Molnar.

Molar has learned some important things working with Stoller, one of which is that its not just about nutrients. It’s also about the hormone balance of the plant. “Cytokinin is a hormone that’s manufactured in the root tips. So, if you have a root system that’s not actively growing and not making new root tips, you’re not going to have the hormone production or the nutrient uptake you need to have maximum yield of your crop,” said Molnar. “Anytime during the growing season that our roots stops growing, we’re losing yield.”

Listen to my interview with Mike below.

Ag Associates Conference Flickr Album.

Baling Hay at Sunbelt Ag Expo

I got out in the field on Wednesday at Sunbelt Ag Expo and the most active area was hay baling. As you’ll see in the video clip, there were a lot of machines being demonstrated. I also stopped at the precision ag demonstrations and will have an interview from there to post later as well as getting to learn about switchgrass at a plot that was grown here for the first time this year.

Sunbelt Ag Expo 2009 Photo Album

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Vermeer Rolls Out the Rancher

Vermeer had cow-calf producers in mind when they designed the new Rancher 665 round baler.

vermeerAccording to Vermeer Forage Marketing Manager Dan Belzer, the new Rancher 665 baler design fills a niche many cow-calf producers have been asking for – basically, the ability to produce bigger bales with a “right-sized” baler that requires less horsepower. “Now, with a minimum 60 hp tractor, every day cow-calf producers can roll up large-diameter bales, which they can easily move around with their medium-sized loaders. Also, because the Rancher 665 baler is ‘right-priced’, it’s very competitive with used late-model balers in the same class, which gives Rancher 665 baler owners the extra peace of mind of having new product warranty.”

Belzer adds, “the name depicts a no nonsense, tight-fisted, independent, rugged, individual” – kinda like the guy in the promo photo. Looks a bit like a young Baxter Black to me – is he for real?

New Holland Tedder Gets It Dried Faster

Dave MurdochWhile I’m on the subject of hay equipment from New Holland, let’s add one more item. This one is the new H5270 Tedder.

In the haymaker’s race against the rain, a New Holland H5270 six-rotor pull-type tedder provides the edge by fluffing heavy, damp crop and distributing it evenly for faster drydown.

Dave says one of the improvements in this model are that “it’s a very easy unit to get down the road or through a gate” since it folds up to a 10ft. width. I asked him how business was doing and he says it’s very good this year. He’s had many positive comments from growers and suspects that many have waited a long time to replace their hay equipment. Right now he says they’re in the market to buy.

You can listen to my interview with Dave here:

Listen to

You can also download the audio file with this link.

Check out our Farm Progress Show 2008 Photo Album.

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New Big Balers From New Holland

Colin SkoronskiSmall square balers aren’t the only new balers from New Holland. How about those big square balers?

I spoke with Colin Skoronski in the New Holland exhibit about this big BB9060. New Holland is certainly making some style changes which you can see in the rounded edges for example. Colin says they’ve made a lot of improvements in this line of balers. One of them is an increase of about 5% in bale density.

When I asked him about feedback he says, “The guys are excited. The hay industry is going well. More and more guys are looking at the productivity of the big square bales.” When it comes to service he says, “Top Service is a program that commits to the customer that we will take care of his problem. New Holland is committed to keeping that customer running.”

You can listen to my interview with Colin here:

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New Small Square Baler From New Holland

Mark LongNew Holland had a lot of new equipment on display. One item getting a lot of attention was their new small square baler. One of the reasons is a retro-vintage logo on the side.

I spoke with Mark Long, Marketing Specialist in the Hay and Forage group. He says they just introduced the new small square baler and that it’s been about 15 years since they’ve made this many improvements. To let growers see where those improvements have been made, they’ve made little cards on magnets at each spot on the unit. They’re handing out number coded flyers with information about each location of an improvement. That makes it very easy to see what’s new.

Mark says their focus is on serviceability and durability. They’ll be celebrating their 700,000th small square baler this October. He says that over the years the market for the small square balers has backed off but the company hasn’t forgotten what got them here.

You can listen to my interview with Mark here:

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Check out our Farm Progress Show 2008 Photo Album.

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