The Kings of Hay & Forage

Jamie Johansen

All our German speaking friends already know that Krone translates to king in German. We spoke with Dave Patterson, Krone NA, during the recent Ag Media Summit to learn what makes them the ‘kings of hay and forage’ production globally.

“Our customers and dealers are critical to our strategy and to our success. We are unique. We are a family-owned German company. We don’t answer to stockholders, quarterly earnings reports or others things that can restrict a true focus on the customer, their needs and our long-term investments,” Patterson said.

When it comes to focus, two areas spring to the top. The first is product innovation driven by customer feedback. People are number two. Krone hand-selects people in sales, service and marketing that can deliver.

Even with a downturn market, learn how Krone has sharpened their focus in Chuck’s complete interview with Dave here: Interview with Dave Patterson, Krone

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