Biggest and Best NFMS Looks to Get Bigger & Better

John Davis

The recent National Farm Machinery Show is touted as one of the biggest and best agricultural expos of the entire year, and it seems to live up to it billing, in no small part, due to the efforts of Rip Rippetoe (pictured during a TV interview), the new President/CEO of Kentucky Fair Board and his talented staff. “People from all …

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Managing Insects for Greater Yields

Chuck Zimmerman

We hear a lot about weed resistance but don’t forget about insect resistance. That’s why I visited with Adam Prestegord (not pictured), product manager for FMC’s insecticide business. We talked about Capture LFR. This product protects a seed or young seedling, even a biotech variety, before an insect can do some damage! Farmers can use liquid Capture LFR as an …

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Soy Booster Plot Program Announced

Talia Goes

The American Soybean Association announces a new partnership with FMC Corporation and NACHURS — the 2013 Soy Booster Plot Program. ASA is seeking 125 growers across the soybean-growing region to enroll by the March 2 deadline and conduct a Soy Booster field trial on their farm during the 2013 production season. ASA, FMC and NACHURS will work with the participating …

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Deere Harvest ID Cotton at Beltwide

Jamie Johansen

We told you about John Deere’s Harvest Identification, Cotton when it was first introduced last year at Beltwide Cotton Conferences. This year we got an update from Janae (formally Althouse) Tapper on this precision harvest technology and grower adoption of it. “John Deere harvest identification is really important to the cotton growers so they can understand how many modules are …

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FMC Display Shows Results in 2012

Cindy Zimmerman

New Display (TM) cotton harvest aid from FMC Corporation showed good results in limited use last season and the company is now looking forward to expanded use this season. Rusty Mitchell gave us some of the technical details about Display already, Randy Childress then talked to us about the results he saw last year in the field. Randy covers west …

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Keeping the Media in High Cotton

Cindy Zimmerman

Marjory Lynch Walker and T. Cotton Nelson have staffed the news room at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences for many, many of the event’s 58 year history and while they are not sure what the changes in store will mean for media attendance, they are looking forward to moving ahead. “Media attendance has always been healthy here. We’ve had as many …

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FMC Committed to Cotton

Cindy Zimmerman

Despite changes planned for Beltwide Cotton Conferences in 2014 that mean no more technical exhibits, FMC Corporation remains committed to involvement in technology transfer within the cotton industry, according to Product Manager Stu Throop. “Needs are changing just as the industry’s changing,” said Stu, pictured here on the left with some of the FMC team at Beltwide. “The anchor to …

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Cooking with Cottonseed Oil

Cindy Zimmerman

Cotton Incorporated held one of the best press conferences I’ve ever attended at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences this week – featuring a cooking demonstration with flavor-infused cottonseed oils and some kickin’ Texas Tea. You might remember Chuck doing a post about these great Acala Farms cottonseed oils after World Dairy Expo last year. We got to find out more about …

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FMC Seeking Registration for Anthem on Cotton

Cindy Zimmerman

FMC Corporation is working on registration of a new herbicide for resistant weed control in cotton by 2014. Growers at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences had a chance to hear more about it this week from Scott Akin with FMC. “Anthem is going to be a valuable pre-emergence herbicide I think for cotton growers across the belt for use against grasses …

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Beltwide Cotton Loves Ag Media

Cindy Zimmerman

There were a few tears and a lot of laughs as the National Cotton Council hosted dinner to thank members of the ag media for their many years of covering the Beltwide Cotton Conference. We all gathered together after dinner for a memory photo – click on the picture for a larger image. Many of us pictured here have known …

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