FMC Makes Winners At Beltwide

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During the 2012 Beltwide Cotton Conferences FMC held a daily drawing for a $250 Home Depot Gift Card. The first winner Mickey Weeks and he is from Cameron, SC. Mickey (right) receives his prize from Stu Throop, FMC. The second day winner is Barry Evans of Kress, TX. Barry receives his prize from Amie Dunn, Marketing Intelligence and Communications Manager …

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FMC On Display

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During the Beltwide Cotton Conferences there’s a program track called “New Developments From Industry.” Our sponsor, FMC, conducted two of those sessions, including one by Craig Heim on a product they expect registration on later this year. Now that’s new! Craig says they anticipate the new product will have the trade name Display which is a combination of two PPO …

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The Beltwide FMC Team

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Here’s the FMC team ready for the start of the trade show at the 2012 Beltwide Cotton Conferences. I really appreciate their support and making my coverage of this year’s event possible. To find out what cotton growers will find when they visit with FMC I spoke with Stu Throop, Product Manager. Stu says that FMC has “placed a tremendous …

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Increasing Corn Yield In 2012

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Maximizing corn yields in 2012 was the theme of information shared during the NAFB Trade Talk this year by FMC. I visited with Gail Stratman (not pictured), FMC Midwest Technical Lead to find out what’s new with FMC. He says that as demand for corn continues to grow worldwide, farmers are trying to eke out every bushel they can from …

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FMC Looking Ahead to 2012 For Anthem

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At the Ag Media Summit I stopped by the FMC booth in InfoExpo to find out what’s new. On hand was Matt Foster. Matt says they’re very excited to be launching Anthem herbicide in 2012. That’s a grass and broadleaf pre-emerge for both corn and soybeans that has both pre and post activity. I was out on field tour duty …

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Anthem From FMC

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The Midwest Technical Lead for FMC Agricultural Products is Gail Stratman. He conducted one of our FMC Summer Plot Tour classes both inside and outside today. I sat down with him afterward to learn what’s new with FMC. Gail says Anthem is what’s new. Anthem is a new pre-plant, pre-emergence and early post herbicide currently being developed by the company. …

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Going To Class With FMC

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The FMC Summer Plot Tour is underway. We’re in class right now to learn what’s new. What’s really new is Anthem herbicide. FMC’s Gail Stratman is our teacher. I’ll be interviewing him later this morning after we get out in the field to see some of the test plot results. I’ve got an online photo album started which you can …

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