FarmHer, Inspiring Young Women in Ag

Kelly Marshall

Lexi Marek attended the National FFA Convention representing FarmHer— an organization created to change the image of women in agriculture.  Marek is interning with the company and she loves how her job lets her inspire other young women in the industry. “The most amazing thing I’ve seen is women just being inspired by our booth and that is just the best. …

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Beck’s Teaches Students to Honor American Farmers

Kelly Marshall

At the recent National FFA Convention Jamie Johansen caught up with Toby Ripberger of Beck’s Hybrids to talk about the message they are sharing with the students who come through their booth.  Ripberger, the Event Logistics Lead for the company, says students come in with lots of interest in careers and the future of agribusiness, but the most important information …

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Merck’s Commitment to Future of Ag

Jamie Johansen

For Merck Animal Health, the 88th National FFA Convention wasn’t about teaching students about their products, they focused on where students get their information about science, food and agriculture. I spoke with Merck’s Jim Miles, marketing manager for the fed cattle business, in their booth to learn more about their commitment to the future of agriculture. “It’s making them realize …

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The Future is Bright for FFA Star Finalists

Kelly Marshall

Becoming an FFA American Star Finalist is no small accomplishment.  At the recent National FFA Convention Jamie Johansen spoke with three outstanding young people whose hard work and commitment have brought them this far. Benjamin Neindick from Missouri represented Wellingtin-Napolean FFA chapter in the Ag Business category.  Neindick began baling and selling straw bales the summer of his 8th grade …

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Leadership From Ourselves

Kelly Marshall

Elizabeth Winklosky is the Pennsylvania State FFA Treasurer and as her state office indicates, Winklosky believes in leadership. “I’m passionate about how we can make the members into leaders and how they can go out and educate the public on what agriculture really is.  And just being able to have good leaders that come from FFA and striking their passion from …

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That Blue Corduroy Jacket

Kelly Marshall

Luke Kerstetter, Pennsylvania State Sentinel, sat down with Jamie Johansen at the National FFA Convention to talk about what he is passionate about in agriculture. “I’m passionate about agriculture education, because as the growing population [of the world will reach] 9 billion, we need to figure out ways to implement better technology into farming as well as agriculture science and biotechnology. …

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The FFA Hunger Games

Jamie Johansen

Inspiring young people to take action was the central theme of the National FFA Organization’s Food For All booth at the 88th National FFA Convention. As students entered the FFA Hunger Games they were challenged to a number of optical courses and educated on two program’s they can take part in at home to help fight hunger. I spoke with …

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There is a Future for Agriculture

Kelly Marshall

Rachel Greig has been part of the FFA program for 7 years and intends to make it part of her life for many years to come.  She attended the 2015 National FFA Convention this year as Pennsylvania’s State FFA Secretary and you can hear her passion for the future of agriculture in her interview with Jamie Johansen.   “My passion …

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Deputy Ag Secy Harden Believes FFA is the Difference

Jamie Johansen

Agriculture Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden attended her first National FFA Convention and took the stage to address FFA members during the third general session of the 88th annual event. She said she doesn’t use prepared notes but her message was clear. She believes in the future of agriculture and doesn’t just think FFA members will make a difference. She believes …

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The World Series of Agriculture

Jamie Johansen

The head owl himself, Dr. Steve Brown, National FFA Advisor, took the stage to issue a challenge to all FFA members across the country during the opening session of the 2015 National FFA Convention. He asked members if they were readying to change the world of agriculture. Native to the state of Missouri, Dr. Brown is an avid Kansas City …

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