Brother, How Art Thy Hobby

Chuck Zimmerman

HorsesI’m slowly making my way back home to Missouri from south Florida. Chelsea (on of my college daughters) and I are spending today out in rural Georgia on my brother’s farm. We hear so much today about hobby farming and I’ve got a great resource to watch and learn from.


A-Mazing Family Fun At Geisler Farms

Chuck Zimmerman

Geisler Farms CornmazeThis is a-mazing. And a really cool corn maze. Darrell Geisler is not only a corn grower but now he’s into agritourism. The eight-acre maze provides a rural adventure for visitors. “As our area becomes more urban, we wanted to provide a place for our neighbors to experience the farm and understand agriculture’s impact on our local economy since we are just 14 miles northeast of Des Moines,” Geisler said. “Plus, the corn maze has made it easier for my daughter and son-in-law to get involved in the family business. My daughter designed the corn maze, which maps out a scarecrow, barn, field and sponsor logos, including NK® Brand Seeds.”

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