Farm Progress Show Will Reap International Exports

FPS14-flagThe nation’s largest outdoor farm show, Farm Progress Show, has been selected to participate in the 2014 International Buyer Program (IBP). This year’s event takes place in Boone, IA, August 26-28.

The IBP is an export program led by the U.S. Department of Commerce. It brings thousands of international buyers to the U.S. for business-to-business matchmaking with U.S. companies exhibiting at major industry trade shows.

“We are honored to be selected to be among this elite group of trade shows,” said Matt Jungmann, Farm Progress national events manager. “The IBP program will bring a new level of international attention to those companies who participate in the Farm Progress Show.”

The goal of the IBP is to connect U.S. companies with overseas buyers to produce U.S. export sales. The program promotes their approved events to over 170 countries worldwide, to attract international buyers interested in the latest and most advanced agriculture technologies and products.

The IBP also will be offering unique matchmaking services at the Farm Progress Show, matching overseas buyers with U.S. exhibitors. U.S. exhibitors at the Farm Progress Show, through the IBP’s Showtime Program, will have excellent opportunities to meet with U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. State Department delegation leaders and export partners to discuss overseas market-entry strategies and potential markets and sales for their products/services.

For companies new to exporting or even more experienced exporters, seeking to export to additional target markets, the IBP offers export market advice and counseling. The IBP Team can also provide expert strategic advice and guidance to U.S. companies on which overseas trade show to participate in, what market entry strategies to use in their target markets, and how to locate and qualify overseas distributors and sales representatives.

“The U.S. Department of Commerce is committed to assisting U.S. companies at the Farm Progress Show establish export connections that lead to U.S. export sales. Behind every U.S. export, is a job, a family. That’s the heart of why we support U.S. domestic trade shows, like the Farm Progress Show. It doesn’t get any more important than that.” Mark Wells, IBP project officer, U.S. Department of Commerce.

What Partnerships Mean to New Holland

9605978993_0be8a60cfd_cNew Holland has continued to develop their support for the ethanol industry. Their relationships with other leaders in agriculture and beyond has added growth and partnerships to their brand.

Director of Growth Initiative Institutional & Speciality Sales, Ron Shaffer, shared that the New Holland brand is focused on growth and his job revolves around anything that will grow revenue for the company.

“We formed a couple of different business units focused on the niche markets in self propelled forage and SP sprayers in crop production. Then another big part of my job is working with our partners, such as our relationship with Growth Energy and American Ethanol. That has been a very good partnership that was started about two years ago. We’ve seen growth that has been really good for the brand and our dealers.”

With these partnerships, New Holland has hosted events at the Growth Energy plants, touching about 25,000 people in their local communities. He also reminded us that New Holland is the only company that has opening supported ethanol production and it’s contribution to food, fuel and jobs in local communities.

NASCAR is another area where New Holland has had a longstanding relationship with. Throughout the past 30 years New Holland been a part of nearly all the tracks across North America. Ron said, “It is truly one partner supporting another partnership, it’s all tied together.”

Listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Ron here: Interview with Ron Shaffer

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Country Financial at Farm Progress Show

fps13-country-financialAt the Farm Progress Show last month, we learned more about the services Country Financial offers for farmers and ranchers from Kristin Kramer and Julie Walters.

Kristin says Country Financial realizes that farming is a risky business and there are many ways to limit further issues and protect your farm.  ”I like to think of everybody like my dad,” Kristin said. “So if my dad is out there I want to make sure his needs are met.”

Julie says they recommend an umbrella policy for many farm operations to ensure that there is an extra level of comfort for farmers if their auto or farm policy fails to cover them. “They cover the things that your underlying auto or farm policy may not be covering you for,” she said. “Give you that extra layer of comfort.

Country Financial is the leading farm insurance company in Illinois, protecting farmers since 1920.

Listen to my interview with Kristin and Julie here Interview with Country Financial

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Iowa Board of Regent Head Promotes Ag Education

fps13-rastetterThe president of the Iowa Board of Regents is a great promoter of agricultural education in the United States as “Today’s Solution for Tomorrow’s World.”

Bruce Rastetter visited the 2013 Farm Progress Show last month to talk about the importance of agricultural education and the vast number of career choices available for students of all backgrounds. “I think the biggest fields are agronomy, plant sciences, the animal science area is growing because of world protein demand, but it’s really the technology, the innovation and the ability to use science to create greater yields,” he told me.

Rastetter says Iowa State University’s College of Agriculture has record enrollment this fall, fourth largest in the country, and nearly every single student has a job by the time they graduate, “with the majority of them having five offers by December of their senior year.”

He believes that it is important to promote agricultural education to students with non-ag backgrounds. “I think we can do it by talking about job opportunities in the world,” said Rastetter. “If it wasn’t for Norman Borlaug there would be a couple billion of people that would have died in the world. We need to make sure that we encourage an education system that develops the next Norman Boraug for the world.

Listen to my conversation with Bruce from Farm Progress Show: Interview with Iowa Board of Regents president Bruce Rastetter

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Bayer Says ‘Good-Bye’ to Bugs

chuck-fps-hallInsecticides Product Manager for Bayer CropScience, Lee Hall, spoke with Chuck during the recent Farm Progress Show. They discussed the expansion of Belt throughout the United States and what is coming down the pipeline in terms of insecticides for the company. Lee also stressed the importance of rotational use in insecticides and that it is one factor growers tend to forget.

“Belt is a product that has been on the market for the last four years. It was introduced in 2009 for primarily cotton, corn and soybeans. It has been accepted, adopted very quickly in the southern United States where the farm-scape has really changed in the last few years. We are seeing more and wider adoption of Belt in geographies North of the Mason Dixon where resistance to pyrethroids has become more prevalent and theres a rotational tool that is needed for control of caterpillar pests. And that’s what Belt does.”

Listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Lee here: Interview with Lee Hall

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Growth Energy Praises New Holland Biofuels Support

fps13-growth-cnhAt the 2013 Farm Progress Show, representatives from Growth Energy were pleased to be part of the New Holland Club Blue event for dealers and customers.

“New Holland is a fantastic company, they produce top notch equipment, but they also are willing to step up for rural America,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis. “What we’ve seen over the last few years is New Holland take the lead in promoting biofuels.”

Buis says Growth Energy members participate with New Holland on promotional deals – in fact, one will be held next week at Absolute Energy plant in Lyle, Minnesota.Interview with Tom Buis, Growth Energy

Growth Energy co-chairman retired U.S. Army General Wesley Clark praised New Holland’s support for national security. “New Holland is the first, most visionary and innovative company (that) saw what this ethanol movement means for America, for national security and for American prosperity,” said Clark, who adds that company vice president Abe Hughes, who serves on the Growth Energy board, has been a real leader in helping reach out to the American farmer. Abe is pictured here at the Farm Progress Show with Wesley and Tom.Interview with Wesley Clark, Growth Energy

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What’s New In Herbicide Products at Bayer

chuck-fps-peters-augustBayer CropScience is making the fight against weeds a little easier with their soybean herbicide products. The recent Farm Progress Show was a great outlet to share the new and exciting products available for growers nationwide.

Chuck spoke with Eric Peters, Soybean Herbicide Product Manager for Bayer CropScience, during the event and Eric went into more depth about Balance Bean, Balance GT and Liberty products for soybean growers.

“One of the exciting things we’ve had here recently is we did get US approval the Balance GT for Soybeans. It is the new soybean system that has dual herbicide tolerance. It is a HPPD based herbicide, so it’s a different mode of action for soybean growers than what they have had to work with. It will be a total system to provide weed control to growers that offers a good strong broad spectrum soil residual with reactivation combined with the post-merge control of glyphosate to offer a season long control through canopy closure.”

Lauren August, Brand Manager for MS Technologies, walked by during the interview so Chuck took advantage of that and asked about the collaboration and working relationship with both companies.

“The relationship is great. We have been working with Bayer for awhile now. We first introduced the Liberty Link system together and we have been working together ever since.”

“It’s a big step. Just allowing growers to plant multiple modes of action is going to be a big thing for their fields. They are really going to be able to combat some weeds that maybe they haven’t been able to. It’s also going to give them another tool in their tool belt to continue fitting those tough weeds.”

Listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Eric and Lauren here: Interview with Eric Peters & Lauren August

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Bayer’s Digital Farming

chuck-fps-grossweilerBayer CropScience consistently focuses on the innovation of technology. During the 2013 Farm Progress Show their air-conditioned exhibit displayed their innovations no matter where you turned. Their On Demand Seed Treatment is one of those technologies where software, preloaded recipes and wireless communications accommodates all types of operations.

Kerry Grossweiler, SeedGrowth Equipment and Coatings Manager for Bayer CropScience, shared with Chuck what’s new with their On Demand Seed Treatment. Kerry described the new technology as “the future in digital farming.”

“The On Demand system is a fully automated closed system developed to treat seeds correctly and consistently, resulting in healthier plant establishment. This is really important because when you look into the past with inoculants and fungicides being applied downstream the older technology and early treaters were sufficient, but now with the new products on the marketplace, everything is going to a per seed application basis. On Demand really fits the need because we have taken our commercial equipment that is used by the seed companies to treat corn and we’ve scaled it down to be able to provide this to downstream treating for ag retailers and seed dealers.”

Listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Kerry here: Interview with Kerry Grossweiler

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Enhancing Food Security at Bayer

chuck-fps-hollinrakeProducing a safe and bountiful food supply is the forefront of what Bayer CropScience is all about. At the recent 2013 Farm Progress Show, they shared how they are doing what they can to help enhance food security globally.

After Bayer’s ag media luncheon, Chuck caught up with David Hollinrake, Vice President of Agricultural Commercial Operations Marketing at Bayer CropScience. They discussed in depth the challenges farmers face and what Bayer is specially doing to help them out with these crazy weather patterns we have been seeing. They also hit on some of the major crops in the US and what Bayer has coming down the pipeline.

“Farmers are faced with some challenges. They know that they have to produce more food on the same land they have today. They want to do it more efficiently and they want to do it in a way that helps them over come some of the challenges, like weed resistance, that they have. Our investment in R & D is really about helping them meet these challenges. I’m very proud in the fact that we haven’t changed our investment strategy over the years. We’ve remained focused on how do we help produce a more effective food supply such that they can be more successful in the future.”

Listen to Chuck’s complete interview with David here: Interview with David Hollinrake

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New Holland Attention Getting Combines

New Holland CombineIf you visit a New Holland exhibit at the farm shows this season you can not miss the big yellow CR9000 Combines and corn heads. This one was on display at the Farm Progress Show and showing it off to the ag media was New Holland’s Nigel McKenzie.

These bad boys continue the more than 35-year pure “Twin Rotor® bloodline” which offers superior multi-pass threshing and best-in-class grain and straw quality. You will also find industry leading stone protection thanks to the new, Dynamic Stone ProtectionTM system and superior residue management flexibility with features like the new Opti-Spread™ system. They also have new Tier 4A engines which decrease emissions and decrease your fuel costs. They feature New Holland’s ECOBlue™ SCR technology that turns cool, clean air into more power while using less fuel for up to 10% fuel savings.

You can listen to my interview with Nigel here: Interview with Nigel McKenzie

You can also watch his presentation in the video below.

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The Next Generation of Farmers

chuck-fps-inciBayer CropScience talked the next generation of farmers during their ag media luncheon at the recent Farm Progress Show. Bayer is looking at the future face of agriculture from the industry, employee and farmer prospective.

Vice President of Commercial Operations for Bayer CropScience, Inci Dannenberg, addressed the crowd and later spoke with Chuck about the importance of the next talent pool, where it will come from and how it will deliver the innovation needed to continue to feed a hungry planet.

“One thing that we are doing is called, “Making Science Make Sense.” It’s a program where Bayer volunteers from all parts of the Bayer to go out to elementary schools and engage young kids in science by doing hands-on, fun experiments. This hopefully insights in them a bit of passion and interest and continue on to look at science in their future.”

“There are numerous areas where knowing science and understanding the science of our population is very critical. One is obvious in the area of innovation and technology. We can’t do what we need to do unless we have folks coming up through the ranks that can provide us that innovation. The other is understanding the importance and value that innovation brings and allowing that innovation to be brought forth. For example, making sure our future legislatures and our future business people understand what it is that agriculture delivers and what modern agriculture is all about.”

Listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Inci here: Interview with Inci Dannenberg

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Touring New Holland Products at Farm Progress Show

During setup for this year’s Farm Progress Show our Jamie Johansen talked with New Holland’s Mike Cornman about new products that New Holland would be displaying at the show. Then during the show New Holland brought ag media representatives in to their exhibit for a breakfast walk through of the products on display. I’ve got a couple of videos to share from that session starting with this one featuring Mike once again. Mike talks about the Roll-Belt 560 Round Baler, Discbine 313, T6 and T5 Series Tractors.

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Delo Tractor Restoration Competition Winner

_DSC2177Last week at the 2013 Farm Progress Show I spent some time checking out the Chevron Delo display where a beautifully restored 1970 Case Demonstrator 1070 caught my eye. Ryan Haass was the young man behind the work, which won him the Delo Tractor Restoration Contest last year. Ryan was also the top winner of the contest in 2011, and his brother and sister were runners-up in previous years.

Ryan says he chose the Case 1070 because there were so few produced and he wanted to do something special. Haas is no stranger to restoring tractors, he’s won several different competitions which helped him be able to afford to restore the Demonstrator.

Ryan says he’s helping the younger kids in his home state of Texas interested in learning more about restoring tractors and participating in contests.  He’s happy to share his knowledge, now that he’s in college and already has his own business, because sharing his tips keeps him involved.

Listen to my conversation with Ryan here: Interview with Ryan Haass

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John Deere Applicator Makes Sidedressing Easier

_DSC2085On display at the Farm Progress Show in the John Deere exhibit was the new 2014 2510L Liquid Fertilizer Applicator, designed for more precise liquid fertilizer placement into the soil to make sidedressing easier.  

“The 2510L enables customers to maximize crop yields through more accurate and timely liquid fertilizer placement,” says Travis Harrison, product specialist from John Deere. This latest model is available in two different models with vertical folds that are 30- and 40-foot with a side fold widths up to 66 feet. There are 18 spacing and control options and Deere is offering one of the largest tank options, up to 2,400 gallons.

John Deere offered the media a look at all the new equipment a few weeks ago and farmers got their first look at the Farm Progress Show.  Orders have already started rolling into dealers all over the world as fertilizer application just got a bit easier with in sync sidedresser capabilities.

Listen to Travis explain more here: Interview with Travis Harrison

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Teen Restores John Deere Tractor for Charity

Image 3About seven years ago, 16-year-old Austin Rhoda of Chenoa, Illinois was a leukemia patient at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN. After several years of successful treatment, he decided to give back to that organization that helped him and his family so much by doing something he loves – restoring old tractors, selling raffle tickets and donating the proceeds back to St. Jude’s.

Austin had his latest project on display at the Farm Progress Show in the John Deere exhibit – a restored 1951 John Deere A Tractor that is being raffled off this month with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Interview with Austin Rhoda on restoring John Deere for charity

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A Global Epidemic

fps-13-344-editedWeed resistance just might have been the hottest topic of discussion at the Bayer CropScience tent during the 2013 Farm Progress Show. They hosted a panel on Weed Resistance in the Americas, to highlight the global epidemic. The commonality each of these panelist seemed to bring to the table was diversity and how it needs to be implemented across each farming operation.

Bayer’s Senior Product Development Manager, Ariene Cotie, served as the moderator and panelists included:
- Dr. Steven Powles, Director of the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative, University of Western Australia.
- Dr. Aaron Hagar, Associate Professor of Weed Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
- Pedro J. Christoffoleti, Associate Professor of Weed Science, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
- Harry Strek, Head of Profiling & Market Support Weed Control Research Biology, Bayer CropScience, Germany.

After the panel, Dr. Powles spoke with me on how Australia is managing their resistance problem with methods not yet tried here in the United States

“Our weeds are really a big threat because they have developed moldable herbicide resistance, so we really have a problem. We’re getting on top of it, but it’s not easy. We have learned that we can’t depend of chemicals”

Listen to my interview with Dr. Powles here: Interview with Dr. Steven Powles

I also had the chance to talk with Pedro Christoffoleti about what Brazil is doing locally that differs from what we are doing in the United States and how education is the key.

“I came to the US to see how the problem of herbicide resistance is and how the US is dealing with the problem, since we also have the same problem there but with different weeds. It’s a great opportunity to visit farmers, retailers and universities here and exchange ideas to see if we can deal with this big problem. In my opinion it is the biggest problem in sustainable agriculture today.”

Listen to my interview with Pedro here: Interview with Pedro Christoffoleti

Check out photos from the event here: 2013 Farm Progress Show Photo Album

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BASF Plant Health – Weather or Not

fps13-basf-souljeKeeping plants healthy in all types of weather conditions was the theme of a BASF Crop Protection presentation at the 2013 Farm Progress Show and if there ever was a year of weather extremes, this has been it.

“You can come up with an extreme spell of dryness, an extreme spell of wet weather, you put them together and technically speaking it’s a ‘normal’ distribution of moisture but a producer will tell you it’s anything but,” said meteorologist Greg Soulje. He gave an overview of 2013 weather, how 2012 set the table for this year, and what he expects for the harvest season. Interview with meteorologist Greg Soulje

fps13-basf-kenFarmer Ken Dalenberg of Mansfield, Illinois – who is also an agronomist – talked about his experiences farming in adverse weather conditions and how fungicides are one management tool he has in his toolbox to grow good crops.

Ken says whether it’s late planting like this year or early like last year, fungicides have been important both years to moderate crop stress. “In 2012 when we had the drought, it was important to keep the plant alive as long as we could,” and Ken said the use of fungicides helped slow down respiration and keep yields. “This year, with the early wetness, delayed planting, early wet season and now flash drought…we did have a season that did allow the plant to pollinate and so we should have average to above average yields if we can maintain plant health.” Interview with farmer Ken Dalenberg

fps13-basf-ajBASF’s AJ Woodyard discussed the BASF fungicide portfolio and how they help maintain plant health in all weather condiitons.

“In the corn market, our primary product recommendation is Headline AMP…because it delivers two modes of action that give you the best disease control on the marketplace and number two also give you the most yield benefit,” said AJ. “Priaxor is a recent addition to our portfolio…it brings a unique chemistry into the row crop market that delivers some advance plant health benefits.” Priaxor is recommended for early timing in corn and also soybeans.

Among the benefits that the fungicides offer are disease protection and more efficient utilization of nitrogen in wet weather, as well as improved photosynthesis and reduction of ethylene in dry weather. Interview with BASF's AJ Woodyard

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Talking Chemicals with Bayer

bayer randyBayer’s Media Luncheon during last week’s Farm Progress Show was a great opportunity to talk with experts in both fungicide and herbicide products.

Randy Myers, Fungicides Product Manager for Bayer, was on hand to talk fungicides at the recent farm show. He covers fungicides across the board, but we specifically chatted about Stratego YLD and Prosaro in regards to corn, soybeans and wheat.

“One thing we have been working on for corn growers is a new application timing. Over the past few years a tassel application has been consistently used across the Midwest, but we’re also looking at an additional timing early season between B4 and B7. Farmers are going across fields anyways making a herbicide spray. What we have been able to research is if you spray a fungicide in the tank at the same time you can save those application costs and the consistent return on investment is quite impressive.”

Listen to my interview with Randy here: Interview with Randy Myers

bayer jeffSenior Corn Herbicide Product Manager, Jeff Springsteen, took time to talk weed resistance. A growing global problem for growers with little light at the end of the tunnel. Jeff shares what many farmers aren’t doing to help decrease the weed epidemic.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of farmers not doing ideal things to keep weed resistance from growing. Key things are utilizing full use rates. For years we have tried to cut the cost down by using half the rate. And thats one of the worst things you can do from the standpoint of developing weed resistance. We need to encourage our farmers to use full use rates and use multiple modes of action.”

Listen to my interview with Jeff here: Interview with Jeff Springsteen

Check out photos from the event here: 2013 Farm Progress Show Photo Album

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Corn Communicators Talk Maizall in Argentina

ifaj13-cornCommunications directors of three major grain grower organizations in the United States were among those attending the IFAJ 2013 Congress in Argentina this week. It was the first time for Mindy Williamson with the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, Marri Carrow with U.S. Grains Council, and National Corn Growers Association Communications Director Ken Colombini to attend the international meeting of agricultural journalists.

“It don’t usually attend meetings like this but we really couldn’t let the opportunity pass by,” Ken said. “We came along to meet with ag journalists from all over the world to talk about issues, especially biotechnology, how their media operates in their countries, and get a sense of how we can communicate better in our partnership called Maizall with the Argentine and Brazilian corn growers.”Interview with Ken Colombini, NCGA

Iowa corn farmer Julius Schaef, chairman of the Grains Council, was recently elected to serve as the first president of the new alliance between North and South American corn growers. “Actually it was very much his idea to move forward with the Maizall alliance between the corn farmers,” said Marri, who noted that the executive team of Maizall was meeting this week in Panama to discuss plans for the group’s first trade mission this fall to Korea and China.Interview with Marri Carrow, USGC

On Thursday, following the conclusion of the IFAJ meeting, Mindy says the three of them had some Maizall meetings of their own set up in Argentina. “We actually have some meetings at the U.S. embassy,” she said. “We’re meeting with Argentina and Brazil.”Interview with Mindy Williamson, Iowa Corn

Ken, Marri and Mindy all talk about their impressions of the IFAJ Congress and what they saw and heard in Argentina.

2013 IFAJ Congress Photo Album

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Monsanto’s Ground Breaker Growers

monsanto-media-fps-13-27-editedMonsanto hosted a Ground Breakers Media Event right before the 2013 Farm Progress Show kicked off last week. Media gathered for dinner and then headed out into the field to see first hand the results from Monsanto’s Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybean Ground Breakers.

Tony White is the Soybean Technology Development Manager for Monsanto. His main responsibilities are managing the trait with Roundup Xtend soybeans. At his station he hit on the highlights of their Roundup Xtend Crop System and on the application requirements. He also shed some light on the feed back they have received from the Ground Breaker Growers who have used this system in their own fields.

“This is really the first time we will come to market with a trait and chemistry package. So we will have Roundup Xtend which will be resistant to dicamba and we will also have chemistry we can spray over the top of that. This is really an important tool for growers who are battling weed resistance and who need tools in the tool box to help control weeds.”

Listen to my interview with Tony here: Interview with Tony White

monsanto-media-fps-13-45-editedDuring the event we also had the chance to hear from some of the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Ground Breaker Growers. Jim Hild from Illiopolis, IL. farms just 25 miles from the Farm Progress Show location. He specializes in corn, soybeans and seed corn and has been very pleased with the results. Jim also shared how straight forward the application requirements are and how simple they are to follow.

“We sprayed the beans three to four weeks after planting wuth Roundup Xtend, which is a mixture of Roundup and dicamba. And cleaned up the weeds. I was very pleased. Probably two to three weeks of residual from that product. I’d like to use it on every acre, it’s a very good program.”

Listen to my interview with Jim here: Interview with Jim Hild

Check out photos from the event here: 2013 Monsanto Ground Breakers Media Event Photo Album