Learn About Syngenta’s AgriEdge 21-60 Promotion

Chuck Zimmerman

One of my sponsors for AgWired coverage of this week’s National Farm Machinery Show is Syngenta. They’re very bullish on beans right now and growers attending the show will have lots to learn about their AgriEdge Soybean program. For starters they’re going to see “Ask me about 21-60” everywhere throughout the show. I had no idea what that meant until …

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Charlie O’Brien VP of Ag for AEM

Chuck Zimmerman

Charlie O’Brien will be boosting an “expansion of services” for the agriculture-related members of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. He’ll be the new Vice President of Agricultural Services. “Agriculture is a vital industry segment and AEM has a long history of representation,” stated AEM President Dennis Slater. “The agriculture sector faces increased business challenges and opportunities, and we are broadening …


Reach For a Green Star

Chuck Zimmerman

John Deere at NAFBAt the NAFB convention recently I spent some time in the John Deere booth. Pictured here are Seth Crawford (l), Leigh Ann Cleaver (BCS Communications) and Barry Nelson (r).

I interviewed Seth about John Deere’s new “Reach For The Stars” program they announced in conjunction with the American Soybean Association. This program is designed to provide U.S. soybean growers with opportunities to learn more about precision ag systems. It also has a contest portion in which selected growers will be able to choose from among “15 premium level precision ag systems, each with a suggested retail price of more than $20,000, for the entire 2007 U.S. growing season. After the program ends, qualified participants will be offered an opportunity to purchase the entire system, or just the components they want to own, at a greatly reduced price.”

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FEMA Past President

Chuck Zimmerman

FEMA ConventionI finally caught up with Jim Wessing, Kondex Corporation this afternoon after our session.

Jim is the immediate past president now of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association. I spoke with him about what FEMA is and what benefits it offers its members. There’s a lot of work this very small staff does out of St. Louis!

Jim said that in the last year the organization has added 84 new member companies and that 31 of them had representatives here at the convention.

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Connect With Your End User

Chuck Zimmerman

FEMA ConventionThe guy who really got the panel put together here at the FEMA convention today was Connor Flynn, Lessing-Flynn.

Connor was our emcee but started out talking about how flat marketing communications has become. He stressed the need for companies to use all the channels available to connect with their customer base.

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Who Are Your Customers

Chuck Zimmerman

FEMA ConventionOn our panel this afternoon here at the FEMA convention was Joe Baitinger, FarmMarketiD.

Joe was here to talk about database marketing. He talked about the importance of developing your customer database and using it. Too often companies tend to collect data and let it sit unused. I like the way he called it a perishable commodity. What good is having thousands of prospective client contacts if you don’t use them. Joe talks about how important it is to know who your customers are in a very segmented industry.

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Your Agriblogger At Work

Chuck Zimmerman

FEMA ConventionWhile I was presenting today Connor Flynn got a picture.

See how I make the AgWired community part of the demonstration? You are a great audience, thank you very much.

I know we’re going to see more and more blogging in the agribusiness world. I should have collected the url’s of the blogs that people in our audience have. When I got started on this about 2 years ago most people didn’t even know what a blog was much less have one.

Hey, it only makes sense

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